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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Speed and Acid don't mix

There is always talk of footballers taking drugs and partying hard. And driving Bentley Continential GT's.

Here is a tip. Speed and Acid don't mix.

Take for example the Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor's Bentley Continential Speed.

Some not so nice person added acid.

Here is the result.

Read more about the trashy story in the Daily Record from Scotland here, but only if you really want to.


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Friday, March 28, 2008

Fifth Gear Review of the Speed

Last week Channel 5 UK TV show Fifth Gear did a review of the Bentley Continential GT Speed.

Here it is.

A couple of dodge comments, but a positive overall review.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bentleys by Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH

Here is a video of MTM full name Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH tuning the Bentley Continental GT and the Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

They 'chip' the car, add new wheels, brakes and rotors.

They are known for their bimoto rims, and the MTM badge on the back.

They which certainly look good.

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Bentley Brooklands Video Review

A Bentley Brooklands video review.

Thanks to P.A Titley for building the motor.

Oh, its not in English.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hooper Brochures

Occasionally coach builder brochures pop up for sale on internet auction sites.

Have a look at this one. Hooper & Co. (Coachbuilders) Ltd.

It looks like it is in very good nick. They are always a great source of information, as expected as they were designed to sell you the car!

Bidding can get quite serious, like a previously reported auction here where one Hooper brochure went for over US$750.00

Lucky for Bentley spotting readers, fellow readers have scanned in the occasional pages and have sent them in.

Here is a great example up close. Click to enlarge.

More Hooper & Co. information. Very detailed.

If any other readers would like to send in pictures or information, please do! It will be very much appreciated.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Bad Day at Work

The discussion board VWVortex has a member from Huron, Ohio, USA called 'Dustbmx' who posted this story.

"Today at work an Arnage T 60th ANN got stuck in the snow. I got out too go get a shovel and walk inside. And one of the other porters gets in too try and get it out. I hear a loud bang in the shop. I then go outside too see the tire had blown apart bead and all it ripped the bumper off. Dented the rear 1/4 beyond repair."

"sent one chunk of tire through into the trunk cutting wires and ****. One chunk flew off scuffing another car. Cut hydro lines. The blast was so intense it caused the airbag in the car to go off. Then a hour after the car was parked the tire that was in the trunk and cut some wires or something caught fire burning the trunk out."

"I have pics on my phone but cant make them send to my mail. At the end of the day i then lost my job even tho i wasn't even near the car when it happened. The owner of the dealer is lucky none of use were trying to push the car out when it happened. People could have gotten real hurt."

Certainly a bad day at work. OH&S inspector, anyone?

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Behaviour of Previous Owners

This story is a little different, but certainly made me smile.

A Bentley Spotting reader David who grow up in Northern Ireland, and now lives in Canada sent in a few emails. Here are some extracts.

"Hi there, greetings from snowy Canada again. I've been mad on Rolls-Royces and Bentleys since I was a kid in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Every summer I'd spend a few weeks at my Grandfather's place in London. I used to wander around London taking photos of RRs and Bentleys. So needless to say, I have about 200 photos of mid to late 70's new Camargues, Shadow II's ,Bentley T II's etc, etc on the streets thirty years ago, all in albums in my basement."

Bentley Spotting whilst wearing flares and large collars, I like it.

Then came this.

"Hi, you do have a great web site. Hope you find this amusing.

The first picture is of a car that Flying Spares is dismantling."

"The second is an actual photo I took in London, Easter 1979. I took the photo of the Silver car, which was brand new then, because I could not believe how the owner treated his car. Look how the rear fog lamps are bent in on the pile of sand. Somewhere along the line the car has been repainted black or dark blue, and you can see the silver showing where the tail lamps have been removed in the Flying Spares photo."

"That poor car was destined for the wreckers from day one, but it did take 30 years. What amazes me is that I actually recognised the number plate on the Flying Spares car as one of my 200 or so photos taken back in the late 70's and early 80's!"

What a great story. Hopefully David will send in more photos from the '70.

Thanks David.

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Bentley Mulsanne Modifications

I like creativity. New ideas are interesting. A bit of individualism is always good. But of course people can take it a bit too far. What I like is a bit of individualisation with an editors eye. Say some small changes and tweaks, but no extreme make over.

Refined customisation is the key. But with critique of creativity there is always an option of a fence where people can sit on.

I'm sitting on the fence for this one.

It is a 1987 Bentley Mulsanne currently for sale at Fantastische Fahrzeuge Michael Fröhlich, which translates to Michael Froehlich's Fantastic vehicles. In Dusseldorf.

Fantastic is not the first word I would use to describe this Bentley, but I will go with it.

What I am so impressed with is the front head lights. About 6 months ago I posted about a very similar idea. The post was called A Change of Headlights, and describes my idea of making the Turbo R headlights more like a post '05 Arnage. Very similar to what has been done here.

It does look really impressive, but they should have kept the diameter of the headlights the same. Much more Bentley like.

Oh I'm all for under bumper mesh, but just having a bumper would be better. Yes I can be a critic all I like, they should have put a Bentley Turbo RT bumpers on the car with the headlight mod, but really I think it is just great that they have decided to do these mods at all.

Even fantastic. Not the outcome, but the decision making that has gone into the car.

The rear is just as surprising. I have no idea where the rear lights come from, they are certainly different to the Range Rover rear lights on this Bentley. They have weirdly started to grow on me. I kind of like them in a scary way. I'm still imagining a Turbo RT bumper on the back. Much better visual image.

It is yours for 33.900 EUR.

Big thanks to Bentley Spotting reader Paul for the link.

Keep sending in ideas, links and suggestions. Especially eye openers like this one! Love it.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bentley Continential GT Speed by Zagato

"Italian Carrozzeria (coachbuilder), Zagato, the most famous Automotive Atelier in the world is developing a unique, coachbuilt body for a Bentley, one of the world’s most beautiful and desirable cars."

The first word was released in December when Zagato was working on the body. The Bentleyspotting report was given here.

And here are the leaked pictures before the Geneva Motor Show.

Introducing the Bentley Continential GT Speed by Zagato.

The Zagato design style is certainly reviled in the body.

It is voluptuously and bulbous yet still in proportion.

It is certainly an Italian suit, where it looks beyond the normal but familiar, to a more stunning and tight fitted version of the standard.

The kind of thing you pay a lot more for for a only slight difference, where that difference though holds its value and signaficance throughout the ages.

More to be reviled when it gets officially released. Stay tuned car collectors.

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