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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bumper Comparison

The recent spy shots of the soon to be updated Bentley Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur made me wonder.

They only changed the front bumper bar.

So just how much has the bumper bar of Bentley cars changed over the relativity recent years? Let us have a look.

Currently the cars have different bumper bars, but the spy shots had them sporting both the same.

The spy shot of the update late 2007/08 Continental GT and Flying Spur.The current 2007 Continental Flying Spur.And the current Continental GT.The Arnage has actually changed the bumper bar quite a lot in the nearly 10 years of production. The front lights were also changed in 2005.

The 2007 Arnage.The 2002 Arnage.
The 2000 Arnage.Now the 1999 Arnage.
Now a couple of Turbos.
And the older Continentals.
So it seems that Bentley does have a recent history of changing the front bumpers, and sure enough it is about time for a change on the Bentley Continental GT and Continental Flying Spur.



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