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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Celeb Trash Round Up

Robbie Williams is cool. Yes his last album took a bit to get used to, and the hip hop dancers on his tour were fat and ugly, but hey - it makes him look even better.

Here he is showing off his 'rented' Bentley Azure a few years back on MTV Cribs - a show where pop stars/ rockers/ entertainment types show off what they bought with the money fans gave them.

Of course the show is American.

Here is recent trash gossip. Straight out of rehab for some retail therapy. The paparazzi snapped Robbie Williams in a Bentley dealership in LA.

Contemplating. The new Bentley Azure or the Bentley Continental GTC?

That looks like a decision face.

Oh no! Our favourite female Bentley driver Paris Hilton got busted by the cops driving with a disqualified licence last month as well - and of course it was in her baby blue Bentley Continental GTC.

Pictures (Splash News, MTV Cribs)

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