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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Other Bentley Body Types

Now let us think about it. Bentley essentially has two cars that come in difference body shapes.

The Bentley Arnage now comes as a convertible, and two door coupe and a four door sedan. The Bentley Continential also comes in convertible, two door and four door versions.

So what is the logical next step for Bentley? Well a station wagon / estate car of course!

Courtsey of A. Schaefer at CCW Car Design and Photoshop comes the Bentley Arnage Estate.

Now the Bentley Continental Estate from CCW Car Design.

It actually does not really complete the range if you are from down under. You need to have a bloody ute version mate. Like the Kiwi plumber who drives a GT with ladders on it, and the Bentley S1 Ute that is even in the National Motor Museum of Australia as explained previously in a fair dinkum Bentley.

Lets for the heck of it check out some Silver Shadow utes.

Even a Corniche. Now that is taking it too far.

Pictures courtesy (CCW Car Design, webfinds.)



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