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Friday, March 09, 2007

Coloured Vains

Now here is a gallery of photographs that you do not see everyday.

Currently on show at Bentley Spotting is a collect of coloured vains.

In late production Bentleys, especially the Continental, there was an option to colour the vertical vains of your Bentley grill. It was really not ticked on the options list that often.

An average of 39 Bentley Continentals were produced each year from 1984 till 1995. This model was still being made just over a decade ago, but was designed over half a century ago.

Here are seven examples of different colours, all with the coloured vains option from the same camera angle.

If you think that the red Bentley Continental looks familiar is probably is. It was previously owned by Elton John and was featured predominately on the music video to his pop song Nikita as written about earlier in a musical break from a Bentley lover.

Also care is needed when selecting colour coding options on white Bentleys as described previously as it can hurt your eyes.

Black Continential Photo courtesy (Johann Petit, Supercar Photo Collection).

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