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Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Bentley Brooklands is the old Bentley Corniche

The Bentley Corniche, other wise called the Mulliner Park Ward fixed head coupé was made from 1971 till 1984.

This example is in fact a Rolls Royce conversion to a Bentley by essentially changing the grill and badges. The grill usually featured vains on the Bentley Corniche, but this one was modified with the newer style of mesh grill.

63 Bentley Corniche fixed head coupés or 2 door salons were made, as were 1108 Rolls Royce Corniche fixed head coupés.

It seems like another 505 will now be made as the new Brooklands.

Let me demonstrate with a hack photoshop job. The car lines are almost identical. The rear wheel hips, the coach line, the front all the same. Only the roof is a little slicker.

I do think the designers conveniently left out this car in the design evolution sketch. At least they are not as lazy as Porsche designers.

I wonder if BMW or VW own the rights to the Corniche name?. Time will tell.

Many new Bentley buyers are of the 'fairer' sex - but the new Brooklands? Defiantly a mans car. For runs from the city to the Hamptons, Toorak to Portsea or Paris to Saint Tropez.

Could I even say an old mans car? No that is wrong. Lets just say more like your fathers car. That sounds much better.

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