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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Modernising a Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 door

A Bentley Spotting reader David is currently in the process of modernising his recent ebay purchase of a Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 door that was posted earlier.

His initial thoughts have been the Bentley colour Moroccan Blue, with a mesh grill and clear lights all round. Colour coded headlight surrounds as well.

Here is my photoshop of the modifications. The colour does look good, and the clear indicators certainly update the car.

Now to the rear. David has been thinking about the clear rear lights, as well as a particular version of chrome wheels from Bentley.

And I took out the paint brush made made it up visually. The rear lights are still not 100% realistic but it is not the easiest thing to do. The wheels however, I would believe.

Now for a side by side observation.

Here is the Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 door like you have never seen one before. Half striped getting ready for paint.

Not the most normal Bentley Hooper pictures on the internet.

Make sure you do not loose the Hooper badge. Now that would be a tough one to replace.

As this modernising is currently been undertaken in Spain, on the other side of the world in Japan an already modernised Bentley Turbo R Hooper 2 door has been spotted and sent in by a Bentley Spotting reader.

It is definitely an eye opener! Totally cool.

After the initial shock of just how good this car looks, you can analyse what modernising has been done. Initially I thought they had put Turbo RT bumpers on the car, but after close inspection they have not.

The front air damp is by Hooper, as are the side skirts. What has been done is to 'de-chrome' the car. All chrome on the car has been painted black except the new mesh grill and the door handles.

The indicators have been 'smoked' as in darkened from the standard orange. Front and rear mind you. The normal square Hooper front fog lights have been changed to circle lights, giving the car a more of a Turbo RT look.

The car now sports the Turbo RT/Azure 5 spoke chrome Bentley Wheels, which in my opinion are the most modern looking Bentley wheels of this vintage.

For a while now my pet photoshop project has been to make a Bentley Turbo RT Hooper 2 door. It is a bit of a hack job, but I will post it anyway as I do think Turbo RT bumper bars on a Hooper would look cool.

The car now sports 18" rims, have modified bumpers, a large side skirt and lowered, a well as turned into a 2 door. It is a bit extreme for most, but I would take it.

Mulliner vents are also the go!

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