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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bentley Turbo R based Torpedo 4 door Convertible by Salvatore Diomante

A Bentley Spotting reader Maurice noticed the white Rolls Royce convertible in the now mega gallery of 17 Mulsanne/Turbo R/Silver Spirit based convertibles here and sent in another.

This time it is a Bentley version. The car was made by the Italian coachbuilder Salvatore Diomante at his company Autocostruzione SD which is based in Torino.

Salvatore Diomante has modified cars for the Sultan of Brunei, but it is unknown who owns these cars.

The car is called the Torpedo and was sold through the Rolls Royce Dealership Achilli in Italy.

The rear displays the RR badge, so the car could just be a grill swap to a Bentley, but is still counts as a Bentley to me.

Who cares if the chassis says SCA or SCB, this car is not about the turbo under the hood, this car is about looking at the sky with the breeze in your hair.

Here is the car parked in a garage. There is another black RR/B in front of it. It looks like a collectors garage to me.

Pictures courtesy (lagneauc, Bram Corts from 1980extremetuning and garage photo Johann Petit, Supercar Photo Collection).

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