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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bentley Mulsanne/Rolls Royce Silver Spirit based Convertibles

In the style of a previous post here, which features the largest gallery of Bentley Continentals with coloured vains, all in different colours, photographed from the same angle; comes the largest gallery of Bentley Mulsanne / Rolls Royce Silver Spirit based Convertibles in the world. Until someone proves otherwise.

I just need to get a handkerchief to catch my dribble.

Big claim, but pictures of these cars are special. Non factory coachbuilt cars are bloody hard to come by.

Nineteen yes 19 different Mulsanne/Turbo R/Silver Spirit based cars that when you look up you see the sky.

With this many together you could almost think that it is normal.

I have seen more, there was white four door complete cut that was for sale in Sydney Australia a few years ago. Could not find the pictures thought. Another has turned up on ebay UK but the photographs were rubbish.

This gallery will grow when I come across, or when people send in, more pictures of convertible Mulsanne/Silver Spirit based cars.

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