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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Clear Indicators.

During the late 1990's a number car manufactures changed the blinkers on their cars from the standard orange, to clear lenses with an orange bulb. The update has a dramatic effect. It is simple plastic surgery, a face lift per se.

Bentley did it from the 1999 model to the 2000 model.

Photographs courtesy Marlow Cars

This started a trend to retro fit clear indicators to previous models to update the look of the older cars. Mercedes Benz owners often did this with the late S Class models including the W126 and the W140 models. It made a 1979 W126 look like a 1991 W126, kind of like a middle aged woman turning into a teenager. But only on the outside.

Here is Range Rovers example with the second generation P38A model. The update generally consisted of a new style of alloy rims as well.

These very slight changes make the cars look even a decade newer. A rather impressive change for not much input.

Now the company Flying Spares offers clear indicators as a retro fit modification to pre Arnage Bentleys from 1981 till 1998.

Their pictures below do not give a clear demonstration of the dramatic change.

I decided to do a before and after photo demonstration using photoshop, well actually GIMPshop the open source free version.

There are the results.

Click the picture below for an animation of the blinker change.

Now for the rear. Other manufactures also made changes to the rear lights, after the popularity of the Lexus IS 'crystal' lights sometimes called Altezza from the Japanese Toyota that first featured them from the late 1990s.

Here is Flying Spares version of Altezza rear lights as part of their Bentley modifications section on their site. Again there photo is not ideal.

Now for my photoshop demonstration.

Now for the animation.

How about just the indicators.

My opinion it that the front blinkers are ok. Slightly risky at the Bentley Drivers Club, but in a good way. Like a poker dot shirt. It does make the car look more modern, slightly Anargeish. But the rear lights. Well they are just wrong. Way too boy racer. Get a 90's 3 Series BMW if you want to do that mod.

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Site Change.

This site is now solely at update bookmarks if needed.

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