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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Paris Hilton's Bentleys

In truth, Bentley spotting is as technical as a door handle. So lets get real trashy. Supermarket isle style.

Paris Hilton now has a Bentley Continental GTC. Light blue, just like the Bentley press photos.

But not everything has gone to plan.

Firstly, after she received delivery of her new car, no one told her that it needed petrol to make it go. Bentley Beverly Hills is to blame. I just made that up, Gossip Magazine style.

Running out of gas.

Then a couple of weeks later she has a little accident whilst driving into her drive - she hit the bins. My favourite comment she makes in the video is that she wants the windows and those red thing as the back tinted. Classic.

Previously she owned a Bentley Continental GT that made many appearances in paparazzi photos and videos, as does her Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR. The gossip is that she lost her GT on a round of poker in Las Vegas. Her boyfriend at the time has also crashed it with her in it.

Paris and Paris crash.

Oh and we can never leave out her advertisement that she made for Bentley - sorry it was for a Hamburger.


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