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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bentley Turbo R Racing

Yes the title is correct.

Ever thought about stripping out your 90's Bentley Turbo R to the shell then making it into a proper race car? Well why not?

They have tremendous power, so why are they not on the race track? Well they are! And they are not just the road car driven on the track. They are the real deal with full roll cage and racing seats. Fantastic!

The company Phantom Motor Cars Ltd in Surrey has just done that. It is a company that has complete workshop facilities that is 'equipped with the latest diagnostic testing equipment, solely dedicated to the complete servicing and maintenance of yesterday's and today’s Rolls-Royce (Pre The New Phantom) and Bentley Motor Cars. The company continues to invest in the latest diagnostic equipment for today's current models including Bentley Arnage, Continental GT and Flying Spur.'

And do they invest in their two Bentley Turbo R race cars. You have to admire the interior. Safe, tasteful and oh so Bentley. But still a proper race car!

It also sports a carbon fibre dashboard, removed rear seats and carbon fibre door panels. Very commanding.

As expected, extensive modification have been carried out. From Phantom Motor Cars Ltd Bentley Racing page comes the extensive list of modifications with approximate retail costs. Save you pennys.

The Car.

Bentley Turbo R in Sherwood Green (Original Magnolia hide interior).
First Registered 1 August 1990. Registration No. H248 CTP (formally ALI 1).
Chassis No. SCBZRO4AOLCH33416. Engine No. 72732L 410I/TEL 6,750 CC.

Mechanical modifications.

+ Mulliner anti-roll bars front and rear 40 % stiffer. £1496.00
+ Performance brake package (Micro Alloy 320 mm discs) to the front. £3735.00
+ Continental T wheels 18 X 9.5 £3500.00
+ Special stiffer lowered (less 50 mm) front coil springs. £900.00
+ Lowered rear (50 mm) coil springs. £700.00
+ Deleted active ride. Fitment of Bilstein front shock absorbers and late specification 94 onwards improved top spring plates and shock absorber mounts. £650.00 if done with springs. Front shock absorbers again changed to the original factory shocks as the Bilsteins were considered too soft.
+ Viscous control differential. £2284.00
+Deletion of boost control limiting, to ensure full and continuous max boost available from the current original turbo charger. Later changed to an electronically adjustable boost controller. £1760.00. Minimum fuel octane rating required is estimated at 102 with 0.9 Bar boost.
+ GM 400 3- speed Pursuit gearbox (Kevlar bands, re-valve with heavy duty clutches and strengthened torque converter) Essential to survive additional power output. £3000.00
+ AC system removed.
+ Viscous fan removed.
+ Vehicle lightened where possible but still retaining all necessary components to keep the Bentley road legal.
+ Exhaust modification removing rear silencer box.
+ Water injection fitted to the front brake discs to help prevent overheating.

Cosmetic modifications.

+ Mesh stone guards (grills) to the front radiator and lower front spoiler. £2000.00
+ Mesh grill to the rear lower apron. £500.00
+ Wing vents to the front wings. £2000.00
+ Arnage flush fitting oval front wing indicator repeaters.
+ Rear seating removed. Light weight front seating fitted.
+ All components removed from the doors. Carbon Fibre panels to the doors and dashboard.

It does not quite fit in with the vintage Bentley racers - but give it 100 years..

As is the nature of such things, accidents do happen.

Now here comes the good bit. Hear how it sounds! A 15sec video of the car in action.

Pictures (



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