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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bentley Wing Vents

After coming across an Ebay advertisement for a pair of Bentley Mulliner Wing Vents I decided to have a poke around some front quarter panels or fenders, whatever language is your fancy.

There are actually quite a number of types of wing vents or gills if you may that appear on Bentleys. The vast majority of Bentleys do not have them. Usually they are found on more sporting or limited run models of Bentleys.

The ebay find are from the 2004 Bentley Arnage T-24 Mulliner.

The 2007 Bentley Arnage R has wing vents, and the veins are horizontal.

On the Bentley Continental R and T as well as the old Azure there were two different varieties that I found.

The next style were added to the Bentley Turbo R Racing Car previously written about, and the retail quote for the conversion was £2000.00

On the Bentley Turbo RT from the late 90's the same more triangular vent appeared as on the Continentals of that period.

And of course the older Bentleys had much more serious wing vents such as this 1929 Bentley Speed Six.

Pictures from various sources.

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At 2:33 am, Anonymous S. Homan said...

Ref: wing vents retro fitted. e.g Arnage models which don't have vents can have them retro fitted without changing the wings for Mulliner wings. Only draw back by cutting a hole to take a vent is the hole doesn't have a rolled edge and brackets have to be made to support the vent in it's aperture. The cut edge has to be perfect and prepared against rust by priming and painting the edge. If you are patient though the results can impressive. Alternatively they can be fitted proud of the wing rather than flush fitting and this can look just as good if done correctly which hides the actual cut edge.


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