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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Bentley Brooklands

Following the spy shots of the new Arnage based coupe dubbed the 'Havana' that I wrote about in November, it seems the name was very wrong. But the car was not.

The new Bentley 2 door Arnage based coupe is officially called the Bentley Brooklands.

And here is the evolution.

The S2 continental, Continental T and the New Brooklands.

Bentley describes the car as a 'grand touring coupe with classic British proportions'

The first delivery will be the start of 2008.

I do like the horizontal vain fender vents as with the 2007 Arnage as previously discussed.

In an unusual move for Bentley they will be limiting the production of the car to just 505 units. More exclusive anyone? It sounds like a Ferrari move to me. Well Bentley has said they have 'Full order books'

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