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Thursday, November 23, 2006

How about a musical break from a Bentley lover?

Elton John sings Nikita, featuring a 1985 Bentley Continental

Chassis No. SCB2D0002FCH10168, Engine No. 10168.

The car looks great, as it features colour coded radiator veins. The red slats definitely look the part.

The car was owned by Sir Elton John from 1985 till 2000. Sir Elton auctioned nine Bentley's through Christie's on the 5 June 2001, but it is thought that this particular car was not part of that auction.
The following photo is a promotional photo from the Christie's auction.

That auction included five S1, S2, S3 Bentley's in various body styles, and one was purchased by Sir Allan Sugar, who later commented in the Times 'It’s not easy being a man of the people – not when you’re sat behind the wheel of a vintage Bentley. But Sir Alan Sugar (“you can call me Sir Alan”) is trying his best. “Here,” he says, easing the car to a graceful halt. “Elton John stitched me up with this Bentley. I bought it at auction – on the phone. Bid against myself, I reckon. Done up like a kipper, I was.” He won’t tell me how much he paid. He doesn’t want to appear gauche. “Let’s just say it was three times what it’s worth. Just because it belonged to Elton. And I’m a shrewd businessman? You reckon?”' More of the article here.

Nice view of Sir Elton's flying B's.

The Continental from the video was auctioned by Classic Auctions in 2002, and was sold for £56000.00. The auction result card is HERE.

According to this article the car was again auctioned by Classic Auctions on 24 May 2006. The result of that auction is not known.

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