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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bentley Spotting the 60 year History at Crewe

Bentley is celebrating 60 years of car production at Crewe, and have released a limited edition 'Diamond Series' of the Arnage and the Contiental GT.

There will be 400 Continental GT cars made and 60 Arnage cars made of the Diamond Series.

A new feature on the Arnage is a fully retractable Flying B mascot, similar to that on the new Rolls Royce Phantom. The hood ornament is a 'new design for the new century', fantastic!

The Continental GT also gets a new feature, and that is Carbon Ceramic brakes. This is a first for a production Bentley, and they 'further extend the car's performance boundaries'.

Bentley has also have commissioned a website where you can 'join out celebration and take a journey through Bentley's History'. Click on the Bentley Badge to go to the History site.


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