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Monday, November 06, 2006

Interesting Bentley Turbo 4x4 Estate For sale.

Bentley Estate

The Chelsea Workshop London is selling an interesting 1990 Bentley Turbo 4x4 Estate. 4x4 in reverse and first gear only. It has traveled 16,000 miles is finished in Stratos silver with grey Connolly hide and is priced at a wooping £135,000.

Bentley Estate

But it looks great! A number of coach built estates, or station wagons, just do not look right, as the roof line extention does not fit the line of the door sills. This example however, is a fine job with a visually correct sloping roof line, finished off with roof racks. Smart job.

The side vents and alloy wheels give it a sporting look, as do the alloy headlight surrounds and crome finishing under the bumper bars. But it is an estate, so it does not scream performance. It is actaully non obtrusive, and does not stand out as much as the standard Bentley turbo, and would look totally acceptable picking up the kids after school, but also just as cool to take out for a serious day shopping at Harrods.

It does look Volvoish and would be great for a stealth vehicle, but like, it's the Bentley version. I do see an American soccor mom with dyed blond hair, a plastic nose and fake tan, saying 'I wanted the station wagon version, they said no, but like, I made them make one for me anyway" kind of thing.

It also from the back could look a like funeral car if going slow!

But the price, ouch! £135,000. They are selling a L.H.D Azure widebody for less. I think I will take that.

Bentley Estate

Pictures Chelsea Workshop London (Courtsey)

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