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Saturday, November 04, 2006


For some time I have pondered on the idea of a Bentley Spotting blog. I have a fond spot for the Bentley Motor Car marque and often stumble across Bentleys that I find of interest.

My plan is to post pictures and comments of Bentley cars that I observe both on the Interweb, and in real life.

Rolls Royce motor cars maybe included as well, since historically the Bentley has been the sporting man's Rolls Royce, so when I am not feeling sporting I may post about Rolls Royce cars.

So, without further a due the first car.

Ghost Motor Works Ltd (pictures courtesy) is selling a unique 1981 Bentley Mulsanne Drop Head Coupe in the style of Tickford. The motor car is bespoke by an unknown builder, where the standard roof and the rear window was been removed, replaced by a canvas midnight blue colour matched roof and plastic rear window, which looks remarkable like an Everflex roof when erect.

The 'A' pillars above the doors are still in position, as is a roof structural support extending from between the doors. It is reminiscent of a 1980's BMW 3 series Bauer style convertible.

The car has motored 111507 miles and has a light tan hide interior with four seat configuration. The headlights are the single square type alla Rolls Royce, defining its early 80's heritage unlike its wheels which are from the early 90's. The grill sports a metal surround with vertical slats unlike the Bentley Eight of the era which featured a mesh grill. The flying B hood ornament is also present.

The asking price is £22950.00

The problem with this car is that the roof looks better up than down, and that is not a good thing for a convertible. Good idea, but does not cut it. There never was a factory convertible of this body type, and a four door convertible, well as the saying goes, only Hitler looks good in the back seat of a four door convertible.

There is a white Rolls Royce Silver Spur wedding car in Sydney, the extended wheelbase body shape of this Mulsanne, which is a compete convertible, that looks so much better without the 'A' pillars and with framless windows. Presumably the structural rigidity as well as safety would be quite compromised, but the purpose of the vehicle is to parade from the church to the reception, not laps around the Nürburgring.

This car however would suit a day at the Melbourne Cup, or a romantic Sunday summer picnic in the South of France, but not a trip to the local shops or the Café, not even in L.A.

Pondering more, how about the removal of the back seats, install a tan teak deck platform, raise the suspension and turn it into a hunting vehicle. Now that would be a sporting Bentley!

Would I buy it? No. Good try, but no cigar.

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