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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Doughnuts, Custard Pudding and Tiramisu.

Following up from the Bangers and Mash meets Pasta Primavera post earlier, of a one off Italian coach built body on a Bentley we have another. This time its more doughnuts, custard pudding and tiramisu. That is an American, English and Italian dessert all in one cute Bentley.

Bentley Bertone

Meet the 1953 Arnolt-Bentley Deluxe four door sedan by Bertone. Currently for sale by Morris & Welford, LLC of California, the car was commissioned by S.H. "Wacky" Arnolt of Chicago whose business was importing Bentley, MG, Aston and Bristol Motor cars and having Bertone design different bodies for them.

Bentley Bertone

The Bentley appeared at the 1953 Paris, London and Turin motor shows and was designed by Giovanni Michelotti from Bertone. It is the only one.

Now check out the doors. Fantastic. Rear hinged is so the way to go. Hopefully the up comming baby Rolls Royce based on the BMW 7 series with still have them like the new Phantom.

What is a bit American is that "Wacky" Arnolt actually put his name one the car, as in called it an Arnolt-Bentley by Bertone. It is on the build plate. I do not know the history of the gentleman but this does not seem right for a single commissioned car. It would mean all coach built commissioned cars could be claimed to be made by the buyer of the car. I probably am missing something.

It is just too cute for my liking. Bentleys are man cars, and this looks like well, a Grandma car. It is too mothers club afternoon tea and scones for me. It sports the flying B but even the grill, it is a bit of a size 8 mini from Marks and Spencer. It's nice, only nice.

Pictures Morris & Welford, LLC (Courtsey)


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