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Friday, November 17, 2006

Bentley Spotting Presents 'AutoWeek Podcast with Bentley CEO'

The magazine AutoWeek has recorded an interview with the CEO of Bentley America, Mr Andrew Stuart. Readers of the magazine submitted questions about Bentley motor cars to the CEO.

There were questions regarding the future of the Arnage beyond the year 2010, competition between Bentley, Maybach and Rolls Royce and how it has benefitted Bentley, talk of the new coupe the Bentley Havana which was avoided, and the most interesting confirmation of an 'AMG' like segment to the Bentley line up.

This is an interesting development, as Bentley has always been the drivers car when compaired to Rolls Royce. As the companies are no longer together, Bentley now wants to develop a segement for a more sporting version of a Bentley, which historically does not make sense. Oh times do change. Imagine having a more sporting Bentley than a standard Bentley? Maybe it could relate to the 'Speed 6' of the old days, say a Bentley Contiential GTC 'Speed 16' with the Hunaudieres W16 engine, 8 small turbos with a supercharger, add to that 26" rims, 6" quad exhaust, carbon fibre body, 20" dual calipar carbon ceramic brakes with rear picnic tables of course!

The podcast can be streamed in '.wmv' format with pictures "from HERE courtsey AutoWeek" and the article associated with the pod cast is here.


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