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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Colour Matching Can Hurt Eyes

It is possible to get out of hand when ordering colour matching on a Bentley. Sometimes you have to realise that it can be too much.

Bentley turbo r white
Take this Bentley without colour matching. See, it has black eye liner and black ear rings. The ear rings comment did not work. Lets try black 'rear view mirror mountings', and of course black headlight surrounds. It looks good. Manly, sporting and the business.

Bentley turbo r white
Now this Bentley. It is still acceptable. Now it sports white eyes and white mirrors. The white surrounds match well, as do red and silver on matching cars. Most dark colour cars stick to black though.

Now we have the one which is too much. Adding white veins to the mix of white headlight surrounds and mirrors is simply too much.

Bentley turbo r white
It gives you a very bad case of snow blindless. Sun glasses are definately on order!

Bentley turbo r white
But maybe that is the point. It could also match the colour of your shoes. Think Florida in the '80. It could be spot on. And there is more. A quick wiki of snow blindness reveals another suggestion. It's rock n roll man.. Black Sabbath and their song Snowblind - and it's about cocaine addiction. So, a white shoe wearing Florida resident addicted to cocaine may find this car spot on. Thinking about it, they probably would.

Oh, I just have to slip this photo in. Probably a white Spirit of Ecstasy as well!

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow hot rod

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow hot rod

Pictures from ebay over the years.

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