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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Shock and Awe

Take this.

Start to work on it.





It's just insane.

And from the back..

Now front again.

Then hit the mags.

The initial reaction is simply shock and awe. It is a member of the axis of evil. But then after a little while it becomes interesting like North Korea. It has its quirks. The architecture is good. There is order. There is history and heritage. But still it is just so wrong!

The car is a Bentley Muslanne with Series 3 Range Rover head and tail lights, with a 2.5in roof chop rolling on 20" dub wheels. It was made by Andy Saunders who is famous in the 'kustom' car scene in England, and has made many outrageous cars.

What is simply wrong are the head lights. But the front spoiler and extended front end do look good. The lower mesh on the spoiler/front bumper is spot on, as are the addition of the lower driving lights. But the head lights - its definately a 'what was he thinking' moment!

Pictures (courtesy)Andy Saunders.


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