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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Angle Grinder Accident

Oh know - via ebay item number: 300092841011 - SCBZR03D8LCX33267 has had bad plastic surgery by a backyard doctor in LA. The doctor obviously was a de-registered medical practitioner using Mexican pharmaceuticals.

From the seller Soulrider777 who has over the last month purchased many pairs of both male and female cowboy boots, and faux jewellery 'collar tips' for check shirts and other unusual things like a voice changer and industrial natural gas heater comes this Bentley 'Sovereign'.

The product description is just great.

It features a 'fully power German canvas top (leather top option is also available)' and the converstion was 'undertaken by a team of automotive engineers who know the stress and load factors and other structural integrity issues.' Further followed up by the statement that 'This Bentley is better than the factory convertible according to those who know Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles.' Sure it is.

I just have to go on 'This Bentley “Sovereign” is one of its kind in true sense.' 'According to our information, there are only two of this kind.''One is owned by a business tycoon and the other is this one'. 'This car is insured for $278,000, however, it is valued over $500,000 by those who know what an unusual 4 door convertible may cost if one has to get it done by the factory.' Sorry - if one 'has' to get an 'unusual 4 door convertible done by the factory' Crewe would so no.

Where are the rear quarter windows? It is like removing someone's ears because you thing it may look better.

The canvas roof looks like it was placed on top to cover an accident. I think it was.

photos Photoshopped via (ebay)

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