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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Rat Trap

Yeah, yeah, The Boomtown Rats.....
Also part of your Rolls-Royce - well many of them. It controls the very complicated braking system.
Here's an old Rolls-Royce advertisement describing it:
Today at our RROC tech session north of Toronto I volunteered my car for the job to learn about this system.
Here she is up in the air for all to see:
In a garage with some good company.
Nice people too...
Here's my Rat Trap uncovered. Scary stuff.
Yes, that wire is not supposed to be on the bottom like that....
But although I can't say I took it all in, I did learn quite a bit about how this highly complex (in it's day) system works. I even got a free brake system bleed out of it, and oh did she ever need one - air galore... I will change the fluid properly next week.
The weather was fantastic - a gorgeous Ontario spring day.
A great day out with fellow club members and a big thankyou to all those who organized it. I'm not giving out names for privacy.
The old girl felt better on the return trip thanks to 'Mr.W'.
Even the nasty wind noise from the driver's door is gone after his quick 'chiropractic' move. Unbelievable...
Summer's coming.
(Posted By David Irvine)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

W.O. Bentley Lineup

What? Don't you have one?

Click image to show very large size photo.

Bentley Continental SC for Sale in Japan

Let's check out SCBZZ23E1XCX65049.

A Bentley Continental SC.

his beauty is for sale in Japan here.


Driving a 2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

I have not driven one of these yet. But I presume it would be fun!

Short and sweet.


W.O. Bentley with his 8 Litre

Here is a little bit sombre picture of W.O. Bentley with his old 8 Litre Bentley.

This was his car, that he had a give back to Rolls-Royce when he left Bentley.

This photo was taken at a Bentley Drivers Club event where he was reunited with his old 8 Litre for this photo.

Bentley Motors now owns this car, and often takes it out for public displays.


Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Hearse from Japan

Here is a Japanese style hearse, based on a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur.

It is impacting, and certainly a send off.

They are still made like this today, when I find photos of a Phantom or Ghost done in the same treatment, I'll post it.

Or send them in if you have a snap.

Classic Car Golden Jubilee Convoy in Malaysia

For the Golden Jubilee of the Sultan of Kedah in 2008, there was a 450km Classic Car rally from Kuala Lumpur to Kedah.

The rally was under Police escort, and consisted of Rolls-Royce, Bentleys, Aston, Ferrari, AC, Caddie, Mercs and Porsches.

The first shot is driving into the Sunway Pyramid and at 2.07 there is a great shot of all the Crewe cars.

I have been to that Starbucks a number of times.

After the rally, the next day in Kedah there was a parade. And in true Malaysian weather, it bucketed down.

It looks like it was fun.


1999 Rolls-Royce Park Ward Limousine

This is not something you see everyday, unless of course if you own one.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III Touring Limousine Park Ward

It is a 1999 Rolls-Royce Park Ward Limousine, based on the Silver Spur.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III Touring Limousine Park Ward

It is such a well proportioned limousine. Very proper.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III Touring Limousine Park Ward

It is certainly rare to see one parked on the street, let along driving along.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III Touring Limousine Park Ward

Sneak peek inside. Plenty of room, even with the occasional seats folded down.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur III Touring Limousine Park Ward

Do you mind if I get a lift with you?

Thanks Marinus for informing of the correct name for this car.

It is one of 4 made in 1999 on of these VIN numbers:


More info about this car from Marinus's amazing site here.

Vintage Rolls Royces In Malaysia

Lineup of some vintage Rolls Royces In COTY2U exhibition 2011 , Matrade Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur

I love the black Camargue with alloys! Great car.


Experimental Rolls-Royce's

Here are a couple of experimental Rolls-Royce's at the Derby factory.

The first is RC2406 (#31EX) Park Ward Limousine, scrapped after an accident in 1935.

Then there is RC2545 (#32EX) Phantom III Park Ward Saloon, currently located in Australia with same owner since 1965.

Experimental Rolls-Royce's

In the back #30EX, the first Phantom III (codename Spectre) Park Ward Limousine, scrapped in 1939.

Thanks boybentley for sharing.

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Mansory Conquistador

With looks that attract buyers who do not pay tax on all money made, here is a video of the Mansory Conquistador.

Look at this - a full orange widebody LeMANsory being built.

They are quite popular in Eastern Europe and Russia. I wonder why.

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Bentley Continental Flying Star by Touring

I really do like it when people spot very special cars just parked on the street.

Like this one. The Bentley Continental Flying Star by Carrozzeria Touring.

You know it's special. It's not a GT car. It's not a 4 door saloon.

It's a shooting brake. Parked down at the shops.

Proper modern coachbuilding, just like it used to be.

And the results are superb.

Elegantly sporting, yet with plenty of room for all your sports equipment. And shopping.

The lines are seamless and so appropriate. It looks right on the street. A well balanced considered design.

Congratulation to Carrozzeria Touring for making such a car. More in of the car here.

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Peek into the Rolls-Royce Factory in Goodwood

Here is a peek into the Rolls-Royce Factory in Goodwood.

Taking a look at testing and finishing of fine motor cars.

And how about the woodshop.


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Check out this period video of some racing at Brooklands.

So you want to buy one hey? A single seater Bentley Brooklands racer?

How about Sir Henry 'Tim' Birkin 1929-32 Bentley 4½-Litre Supercharged Single-Seater here?

Remember, this one is going to be for sale at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Chichester, Sussex on the 29 June 2012.

More information about the sale here.

Thanks for Bill for sending in the photo of the car that was recently in New York.

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Tasteful Phantom EWB

This very tasteful Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB has turned up for sale.

No stainless steel to be seen here! Only black and gold will do.

It has turned up for sale in Japan.

And being Japanese, of course it comes with an extra television.

Let's just say that the television is not as well integrated as the Rolls-Royce one behind the clock. Kind of stands out a bit.

I think at is an after-market aerial on the windscreen. Very Japanese.

Now the rear seat. As this is an Extended Wheel Base model, there certainly is not enough room for 3 passengers, please only seats for two.

You can not go past the custom wheels on this car. What do they say on them? I think it's Autocouture. Durr.

It's yours for 28,399,000 Yen here.

Thanks Andy for the link.


The Price is Right

No really, The Price is Right. Yeah, the TV show.

This is not a pun. Let's watch The Price is Right.

Love it!

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Bentley Drivers Club Western Region Spanish Tour 2010

I do like it when I stumble across videos like this one.

It is well worth watching the entire video just for the credits, as it lists every car shown and also lists the music!

Thanks Roger for sharing.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rallye Rolls Royce à Kelmarsh en 2008

I quite enjoyed the total miss match is cinematic look to the cars that were shown.

Go amateurs.


Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen

Take a look at this one. Looks familiar?

Take a look from the side.

Last chance to guess.

Did you pick it?

This is a tribute to HM The Queen's Bentley State Limousine, given to her on her Silver Jubilee.

Bentley call it the Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition, and 60 of the cars will be made.

When I first saw the car, my appropriateness metre kicked in.

So in 2002 at her Silver Jubilee, Bentley gave her a State limousine. Very nice.

Now at the Diamond Jubilee, there is no gift, just a marketing opportunity to exploit to flog off 60 Mulsannes. Not the nicest of presents.

Then it gets more unusual. Bentley are not flogging them off to Monarchist who wear tweed somewhere in the Commonwealth, they are selling them to the Chinese so they can pretend to be the Queen of England!

It was also the first time that I am aware in the history of Bentley Motors that they released the press release in Chinese.

But it is ok, as it is to celebrate Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen. Let's drop the appropriateness, and get back to looks.

I quite like it.

Even from behind.

What is a little bit special as well in the interior.

Take a look.

You can't go past the cushions. There is always a fine line between tacky and taste.

Even on the picnic tables.

As well a not so subtly on the front dash. The carriage is the old logo of Mulliner Park Ward, so it is quite nice that Bentley Mulliner is still using it.

Comparing to the Queen's car, they should have made the front seats in the darker leather as the arm rests. It would have been a better copy, sorry tribute.

Lets compare the front of both.

Now the Queens.

I really think that Bentley should have vains as an option for this car. There is no need to put the sporting mesh on the car.

What do others think?

I would not mind asking the Queen's driver.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

You wound not want the Royal Mews to become too common.

Driving Fun in a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II

here is a well produced video of a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II from 1990 being taken for a drive.

The car speaks for itself. There is no need for talking.

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Hooper Silver Corniche

Here are the rare factory photos of quite a special car.

It is a 1980 Rolls-Royce Corniche Two-Door Saloon Coachwork by Hooper, Chassis No.CRX50264.

As you can see, the coachwork is quite familiar, but totally unexpected.

Yes, it has Silver Spirit front and rear lights as well as bumper bars all in a Corniche body.

Two were made by Hooper & Co, more information here and here.

Thanks Don for the photos.


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