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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bentley Drivers Club Tour the Factory at Crewe

The Bentley Drivers Club 'Britain by Bentley' Tour 2011 started off on the 4 June and is set to conclude on the 4 July.The tour met at the Savoy, where they were greeted by Old Number 8.

The Press Release from the start of the tour from the Bentley Drivers Club is here.

Then the tour was off to explore Britain by Bentley.

The tour consisted of a variety of Bentleys, from 1924 3-litre vintage models through a 2009 Brooklands.

The tour is in fact still on going, and is in its final week.

It looks like people are enjoying themselves.

At about the half way mark, the tour went to Crewe to explore the Factory.

The classic tour group photo shot. Memories.

Now taking a look around the Factory.

This photo setting is generally reserved for the newest members of the Bentley family, and it is quite nice to see the ancestors turn up for some family portraits.

Gday to all the Aussies on the trip.

It is good to see a Victorian car.

As well as one from New South Wales.

Send in photos of the trip if you like.

Here is a video of the pip stop at Crewe, produced by Bentley Motors.

Take care drivers!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Queen's Bentley State Limousine First Official Outing

Here is the Bentley State Limousine on it's first official outing.

There is an interesting reference to Jeremy Clarkson.

And where does the Bentley take the Queen? Well to her party, where a lovely Australian introduces her.

Hello possums.

The Jubilee girl is here!

It is good form!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Popular Rolls-Royces

Car spotter Shmee150 bumps into 13 Rolls Royces plus a few other nice cars including an Aston Martin DBS, Maybach, Bentley Flying Spur and plenty of upmarket Mercedes.

The event was a reception at the Dorchester Hotel.


Beauty Rings Debate

Most Silver Clouds, Phantoms, Silver Shadows and Silver Spirits have something called a 'Beauty Ring'.

It's that coloured and striped metal ring on the hubcap - sorry, maybe I should say 'wheel cover'...

Rolls-Royce beauty ring hub cap

In the late 1990s Rolls-Royce deleted them from the all alloy wheels of the Silver Spirit/Spur.

Rolls-Royce beauty ring hub cap

Well, I have late 1990 Silver Spirit 16" alloys on my Silver Shadow and I am going ahead with putting Beauty Rings on them.

Is this an upgrade or update? Or is it an update with a downdate feature? It is hard to describe.

I think it will be unique, but still in appripriate Rolls-Royce style.

Here is the demonstration. I think it looks good!

Rolls-Royce beauty ring hub cap

Could this be a first?

I do still have the original caps and 15" steel wheels should anybody be concerned about abuse.

(Posted by David Irvine - and thanks Rodd)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Badge Engineering

Too bad it's not April Fool's Day. I could have talked about a new Mercedes/Bentley venture.

Here's what you do when you are having a laugh, have a 2011 Mercedes E550, a camera and a Bentley 6.75 Litre Twin Turbo badge handy...

(Posted by David Irvine - thanks to Rodd)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In-Car Camera from London to Bath in 1963

I do like this video.

The comments are just so so English!

"He's giving me the V-sign. I can't think why he thinks I am interested in his politics."

Press play and getting your Bentley Spotting eyes on.

So come on. How many did you spot?

Crewe cars that is. One? Two? Three? Four?

At around 0.14 seconds there is this. A Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

Then at 2.08 this zooms past, a Bentley Mk VI.

For the keen eyed, at 6.47 this is parked. Either a Bentley S or a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

If you spot a fourth Crewe car let us know!

Thanks David for helping with the spotting. I did not get them all!


Peninsula Hotel's Silver Spurs Paint

It is well known that the Peninsula Hotel's fleet of Rolls-Royce cars is a bit special.

A couple of years ago the Hotel replaced their Silver Spur's with extended wheel base Phantoms.

So how did the hotel keep their Silver Spurs paint looking good for so long?

Well here is a pretty cool video of the snake oil they used.

It is by a company called

Like all good snake oil companies they even have a quote from a reliable source.

"The paintwork on a 400,000 mile Silver Spur was astonishingly good. We were intrigued. The owner, Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel provided the answer: G|techniq."
Nicholas Geehan, Materials Technology Lab, Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd

Now I wonder what David used for this video?

Snake oil mate?


Stretched Bentley Mulsanne by ArmorTech Motors

ArmorTech Motors will make you a limosuine version of the Mulsanne if Bentley Mulliner is taking too long to release an extended wheel base option.

Here is a rendering of a possibility.

They have actually thought about the different variations of limousines that could be produced, not just the stretch in the middle American style.

There are many options including "extensions from +500mm to +1150mm with different versions of stretching. The limousine could be stretched to 500mm in the middle either in front (+250mm) and rear (+250mm) doors. Extending the car to +1150mm could be done in the middle. There is also an option of raising the roof height up to +100mm for all stretched limousines based on Bentley Mulsanne."

I'm sure Jankel will also have an option list out soon as well.

It all sounds quite nice. You can get them bullet proof of course.

Now, I wonder which Russian will be the first to commission one?

If you want one, order one here.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Two-Door Saloon by Hooper

Over the last couple of weeks, one particular Bentley Spotting post has been getting quite a number of hits, and it features this car.

Yes, it is a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit Two-Door Saloon by Hooper & Co, Registration no. F745 KGP, Chassis no. SCAZS00A3JCH23037 and Engine no. 63021L410I/9. Read the post here.

Why? Well the particular car was just on the auction block at an RREC event were Bonhams held a Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Select Pre-War Motor Cars and Automobilia Auction, at Market Harborough, Rockingham Castle.

It certainly is an impressive and rare car.

There was quite a bit of talk about one thing, and surprise surprise it was the price. Bonhams has set the estimate at £12,000-16,000.

Here is the photo from the auction catalogue.

The estimate seemed quite low, considering that Bonhams sold a Bentley Turbo R 2-door by Hooper for £28,750 in December 2009, read about it here.

However it was though that this car did need some work done to it, and for people that had seem it on the street, said it did needed a refreah.

I did not post about this car before the auction, as a couple of readers of Bentley Spotting were thinking about putting their hands up, so I was being nice. A simple Google would have found the previous post with many photos.

I am not sure who eventually pick it up, but I do know the price.

The car sold for £22,425 inclusive of Buyer's Premium here.

Congratulations to the new owner, you certainly have picked up a great rare Rolls-Royce!

Please send in photos if people have them, and thank you to the people who let me know it was for sale.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rolls-Royce Camargue Test Drive

No talking, just looking.

It is very nice.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fixing Dents in the Brooklands

Myke Toledo owns a dent repair company and is also into photography.

Quite a nice combo when your Bentley Brooklands has a couple of carpark dents in the long long doors it has. You get a video of your Bentley being fixed.

Lets take a look at how Myke does it.

And to the photo buffs, here is what was used in making the video.

Canon 7D
Indi Slider Mini
Zacuto Z Finder
Zacuto Rapid Fire
Manfrotto 190CXPRO4
Tamron 18-270
Canon 50mm 1.4
FCP Studio
Magic Bullet Looks


Rolls-Royce Phantom by Pablo Rabiella

What would you do if you happened to purchase this Rolls-Royce Phantom?

It is just a little bit plain don't you think?

It is very much brown bread. But what if you want fairy bread?

Well first, strip the car of all the chrome. We can definitely make that more flashy.

Rip the guts out of the interior. Just boring standard executive colours. Drab.

Then what do you do? Well add colour. Add fabulous colour! Then more of it! (18 coats of paint were used)

Polish up the beautiful colours until they shine bright. (14 special top coats were applied)

Then add multicoloured fairy dust to the purple. It's a must. (Each of the three colours contains flakes of the other two colours)

Gold is just so much better! Add as much gold as possible. All chrome is now gold. Do it.

Then get a nice young boy to install your new interior. He polishes well. It's ok to look. Only touch the interior.

Ronald McDonald eat your hamburger out! Matchy matchy in diamond stitching, even on the ceiling. It is better. (26 cow hides were used)

It may or may not be a pink steering wheel. Who are you to judge. It's a pink steering wheel. Maybe. Or purple.

And I definitely want disco lights. I don't care what you say. Outside ones. Not inside. I want everyone to party!

They can feel sick in the morning. Sleep it off. Or drink more.

Now, wallah! My piece of magnificence!

Introducing The Purple Lady.

Now watch the video of the cars formation, to dance floor music of course!

Including some photoshop colour scheme design work.

And now a video that included puppy dogs!

I love this car.

It is so good that people do projects like this. It makes everyone smile no matter what you think.

This car was designed by Pablo Rabiella built by Super Vettura and more importantly commissioned by Alan R.

A big thanks to Alan R for commissioning this car - you are great!

See picture of this car on the street here. It looks even better!

info via Autogespot


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Bentley Magazine Spring 2011 Issue 37

Here is issue 37, the Spring 2011 edition of the Bentley Magazine.

If you would prefer to read the magazine as a *.pdf document, download it here.

The 3 Bentleys on Rodeo.

Not the cars you really expect on Rodeo Dr.

But very cool though.

I certainly would have caused a stir!

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Special Delivery

I have just been given this Rolls-Royce mailer that in 1982 was actually carried (with a few other bagsfull) from RRM to the Crewe Royal Mail head post office in none other than AX201 - The Silver Ghost.

Now the back of the envelope.

They were to be sent to prospective Rolls-Royce clients all over the world singing the praises of the new high tech Silver Spirit.

Click image to enlarge and have a read.

Not sure why mine never got mailed, though...

Old fashion spam I tell you! But I like it.

(Posted by David Irvine, and thanks again to Mr.K)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Safety first in the Phantom Drophead

Don't mind the children in the front seat. There is only a couple of them. They're small. Seat belts are obviously not required.

It's not like that there is a roof or anything that will keep the kids in the car if you happen to brake hard or anything.

By the way, I'll have my Phantom Drophead with racing stripes please... and pop on some Kahn wheels whist you are there.

Thank you, now off to the shops.

Thanks Andy for the photo as always.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Rusty R Type for Restoration

So you are thinking about starting a backyard restoration project?

Bentley R Type Rusty

Where here is a contender.

Bentley R Type Rusty

There is quite a bit of work to do, but that's the point isn't it?

Bentley R Type Rusty

It is a 1953 Bentley R Type.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Bentley R Type Rusty

Chassis number B297WG.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Bentley R Type Rusty

It was originally sold by Jack Barkley.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Bentley R Type Rusty

It is now for sale on the other side of the pond.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Bentley R Type Rusty

That's right, California in fact.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Bentley R Type Rusty

The asking price is USD$9,750.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Currently for sale at Beverly Hills Car Club here.

Bentley R Type Rusty

Or you would always ditch the body and build a special!


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