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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phoenix Dawn

Not sunrise in Arizona....
But an unidentified Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn by Hooper & Co, photographed in Phoenix, USA many years back.
Please get in contact if you know anything more about this car.
Credit to for the Squaw Peak sunrise.
(Posted by Andy)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[More] Carat Duchatelet

A few weeks back Team Bentley Spotting posted about Carat Ducahelet and a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit II Limousine being offered for sale.
Here is the car:
What's great is that we now have a copy of the Carat Duchatelet Silver Spirit Limousine brochure.
Here is the front cover:
The coachline and curtains seem to match...
And here is the inside cover:
The partition with its clock and storage compartments also matches....
And the inside back page:
The rear centre console matches too...
And the back page:
It looks like the same car to me...
(Posted by Andy)

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost cars at Wheels Canberra 2014

At the Shannon Wheels Display Day in Canberra this year it was a bit special for the Rolls-Royce Owners' Club.

It's because the club had teamed up with the Silver Ghost Association and welcomed the group on the 2014 Tasmania and South East Australia Tour.

It's a pretty rare sight to see so many Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts in the one spot.

Here is my video of their arrival and line up.

Three or four others turned up later as well. Quite an amazing sight.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alserkal Avenue, the Arts District Dubai

So, like art?

Well trolling through Instagram - which by the way, I'm uploading pictures I've taken on a daily basis - check my feed you come across interesting things.

Like finding out where the cool art is made an exhibited in Dubai.

It's on Alserkal Avenue and it's called the Arts District Dubai.

There are about 20 edgy galleries, studios and a private museum in a suburb of warehouses and factories.

Here it is on a arts night. Check out more here

Well one artists work caught my eye.

Splatter painting Jackson Pollock style on made objects seems to be the expression.

Nice enough.

Then creative types get creative.

But why am I writing this on Bentley Spotting?

Well, it's Art Week in Dubai, and what's outside is causing a stir.


Yep, it's a Bentley Arnage.

Just #wow.

It is certainly impacting.

No longer just a Bentley.

Now it's art.

But what is art?

Is it art?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Behind The Wheel: 2014 Bentley Flying Spur

I quite like the slightly quirky cameras angles of this review.

It makes it a bit arty and cinematic.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First 2016 Bentley SUV Image

So here is the first official image of the 2016 Bentley SUV.

Click image to enlarge.

And as predicted it is very similar to the Bentley Flying Spur with the same crease line about the similar positioned front head lamps.

Here is the Press Release:

(Crewe/London, 19 March 2014)

Bentley Motors today releases the first picture of the Bentley SUV, due to hit roads in 2016.

It will be the most luxurious and powerful SUV on the market, setting it apart from any other SUV, true to the brand hallmarks of luxury, performance, quality and craftsmanship.

Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive at Bentley Motors, commenting at a press conference in London, said: “It will create a completely new segment in the SUV market.”

The SUV forms part of Bentley’s £800 million investment in new model and facilities development in the next three years. The company anticipates a minimum annual sales volume of 3000 SUVs.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur by H J Mulliner

Take a look at what I saw today. Yep, it's a 1963 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur.

A very nice looking motor car.

The Silver Ghosts Are Present.

This is quite a nice view.

Silver Ghosts by the lake.

Not that common a sight.

The Silver Ghosts are Arriving

Take a look at some of these.

They are looking great!

It's a great setting.

More to come.

Bentley 2 door Saloon by MPW.

I always like it when I get to see rare Bentley cars.

Like this 2 door Bentley.

Hopefully more to come today.

PS totally put up my Team Bentley flag underneath the RR.

Bentley Ironing

Just doing some Bentley ironing.

Yep, I'm off to the Shannon's Wheels Car Display today.

There should be about 20 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts there from all around the world.

So I've pulled out my Bentley Motorsport shirt to wear.

More to come.

Motorclassica Best of Show 2012

Here's an instagram of #Motorclassica Best of Show 2012 - @wobentley 1952 R-Type Continental chassis BC12A #bentley #bentleyspotting #winning


I'm doing daily updates of pics I've taken.

Video of the car here.

Bentley Continental GT 2014 review - What Car?

Quite a straight to the point review. Get the entry level Bentley.

Get it now.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keep Classics in London!

This article is interesting in the Classic & Sportscar Magazine as there is a proposal to restrict central London's Congestion Charging Zone Area to only be accessed by 'Environmentally Friendly' Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles by 2020.

There is a campaign on to lobby for some compromise for classic car-related events and businesses.

We don't want to see the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run not start from London!

More info here.

Posted by David Irvine/Bentley Spotting

The National Character Of British Cars

"Stephen J Vokins takes a look at the national character of British cars and what little is left of true British car industry".

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I read that description, but it sounded like a dose of cultural cringeworthyness to me.

Just take a look for 3 minutes.

I see a wispy bearded man in an ill-fitting tweed jacket and tortoise shell glassed wearing an un-ironed shirt and camel chinos. He works for the British National Motor Museum and looks like he don't know how to operate a shower. Just takes a bath once a month. In the summer. A good civil servant. We would certainly only drink room temperature bitter beer.

Maybe I've had a go at cold Aussie beers tonight. Oh well.

The quotes are just golden "the subtle elegance of the car typified the national distaste for brashness and vulgarity", "it is not a conspicuous display of wealth at all, more of class and good breeding".

I should stop now.


Pectoral Fins or Side Wings on the Bentley GT

I always get a little excited when I see Bentley things I have never seen before.

Especially if it's a Sultan of Brunei car photo or simply something that is mad. This is mad.

When I was sent these photos (well, actually tagged in Facebook) I did say woooooooow!

I've not only never seen this before, but I've never heard of it, or even thought of it.

Lets take a look.

Here it is.

Yeah it's a matte black GT with side skirts, but, but, but what's that thing above the rear wheel?

Oh my gosh! The Bentley has pectoral fins.

Yep, it has side wings.

It's absolutely mad!

I've certainly never seen that before.

It definitely adds an unexpected design element. And it's also a wide body kit as well.

They have has a go at the interior.

I think it looks fine.

But having pectoral fins or side wings on a car - now that is a bit special!

They would for sure make it go faster.

Thanks so much to Ross for alerting me to this one!

Anyone know who makes this kit?

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Drinks at Rolls-Royce Brussels

Alain has uploaded a great video of the 2014 RREC Drinks at Rolls-Royce in Brussels.

I like the blue Bentley with yellow wheels at 4:26. #justsaying

Thanks for sharing.


Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe by Pininfarina

Coachbuilding is great because it makes dreams become reality.

You get exactly what you want. Even if others don't like it.

So you have a Savile Row bespoke suit and a Jermyn Street tailored shirt do you? Maybe some cobbled shoes from John Lobb? So do a lot of others.

Did you get a new Bentley last year? Nice one. A GT yeah? Did you get the Speed?

You know that 10,120 Bentley cars were delivered in 2013. Compare that to an average of 342 Bentley Turbo R cars per year when they were made. But don't worry, one in four cars sold above €150,000 was a Bentley in 2013.

But want true exclusivity?

Check out this South African gentleman's bespoke car.

Here you go, exactly what he wanted. Sharks gills and all.

Capetown eat your heart out. J'berg whatever. World, he's doing what he wants. Because he can.

It's designed by Pininfarina and is based on a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe.

I'm not sure if it has a bespoke name, but it probably does.

Good on him for building his dream.

Just check out those coachlines. And the two tone.

I am such a fan that this car exists. Top marks to the gentleman who commissioned it. Well done.

But don't fret - Bentley Mulliner will still build whatever you desire as a special project.

Go on - order something amazing and send in the pictures!

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The 1998 Bentley Project Bali

In 1998 the styling department of Rolls-Royce and Bentley in Crewe would have been quite used to designing special projects, being bespoke coachbuilt commissions of individual designs.

That's because the Royal Family of Brunei had commissioned an extensive number of special projects over the past five or so years. But as the Asian financial crisis hit, the special projects from Brunei dried up.

But the ideas did not dry up.

There is a design sketch of the Bentley Project Bali from 1998 by head designer Graham Hull.

It was an envisagement of a new Bentley 2 door coupe.

It certainly has early hues of modern Bentley motor cars.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bentley Motors at Geneva Motor Show 2014

Here is the overview film from Bentley of the Geneva Motor Show 2014.

15 years ago it was a more interesting story, with the Bentley Hunaudieres concept shown.

Lets take a look.

Yep, that car ended up with a Bugatti badge.


From The Classifieds

This week's choice for From The Classifieds is a 1964 Bentley S3 Continental Convertible by H.J. Mulliner Park Ward on offer through RR&B Garages of Bromsgrove, near Birmingham in the UK.
It's one of only 312 examples of the S3 Continental (both saloon and convertible) made:
Finished in its original colour scheme of sage green with a dark green mohair hood and dark green leather interior, it's had one owner for the majority of its life and benefits from extensive restoration works. 
Here are some photos of it on dispaly at the 2013 NEC Classic Car Show:
Including rosette:
The price is on application, and I suspect its not cheap...
....almost certainly a case where the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten.
Photos - RR&B Garages and webfinds
(Posted by Andy)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bentley Continental GT3 testing at Paul Ricard

Yesterday saw the Bentley Continental GT3 testing at Paul Ricard.

Here is a social media update.

Bentley stand at the 2014 Geneva Motorshow

Shmee150 gives is a whistlestop tour of the Bentley stand at the 2014 Geneva Motorshow, where the new Continental GT Speed was being shown in both coupe and convertible form; alongside the new Flying Spur V8 and Bentley's entry into the accessories and furnishings market


Thanks Tim!

Rolls-Royce Wraaaaaaaaith

On Monday, I had to take a 2007 Bentley Flying Spur to the dealer to attend to some "computer diagnostic reliant" repairs. Those who know me and my passion for Rolls-Royces "Limited" and "Motors" cars will appreciate my passion for these cars and my parallel disappointment in post Vickers Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars. A brief synopsis being that the new generation cars are very Germanic and simply glorified Audis and BMWs. Not an attack on their technology, engineering and commercial profitability (which they appear to have achieved quite successfully) but for what is now the identity (or loss) of the famous marques.

I make no secret that I rarely have driven the "new" cars. Not by lack of opportunity but by simple disinterest. They just don't grab me, except the Phantom which I will perhaps talk about on another occasion.

So when I had to take the Flying Spur to the dealer it was pretty much of a chore thing. More about wasting 2 hours in Chicago traffic rather than it being something of a delight which most might consider the opportunity to be. The car was smooth, although the aftermarket 22" wheels took some of that away. Not only in the ride but simply "not smooth" in my overview of what such a car should look like. This aside, the Flying Spur is without question, a spritely car. Powerful indeed, and you cant help but be school boy impressed when you "give it to her" and hear the waste gate "Pssshhhh" released by the twin turbo system.

Looking around the car when driving left me with a mixed feeling of "oh, thats nice" to " why would you do that?" in some of the finishes. The knurling on the gearshift lever was very precise in its engineering feel and finish but the use of plastic in the statement traditional bulls-eye air vents left me questioning. Trim fit and some methods of securing which was evident only by, umm, it not fitting well so I could see, was very German and I was surprised to see it. The wood was less than impressive having adopted the German way" of gluing veneers to aluminium substrates. Already it was showing signs of discolouration at the edges where atmospheric elements had started to ingress the laser cut edges. Lost were my images of the Crewe "wood-room" with its worn brick walls and a cracked concrete floor littered with wood shavings, saw-dust and the smell of glues and different timbers - so nice that you would make a fortune if you could bottle the scent. The old codger in the horn rimmed glasses with the same lab coat he has had for 20 years splattered with glues and stains. All of this replaced with a vision of some CAD operated laser machine operating in a clinic styled climate controlled air-lock room. I remember back as recently as the 90s, standing in the wood room and having a Manchester accented wood worker in singlet and shorts (I dont think they had air back then) pulling out of the files a sample of veneer that was a "left over" from 1982 Corniche convertible. A perfect book match of course which left me struggling at finding any similar sign of artisan exactness in the Flying Spur I was now driving.

But all this said, I understand the need for efficiency and profitability and that's what these modern cars are all about. I guess if our corporate predecessors were doing it better, then the company wouldn't be owned by our German auto moguls of today. The price of progress, hey?

So I pull into the Bentley (and Rolls-Royce) car park and of course the first thing that strikes me is the profile of the new Rolls-Royce Royce Wraith.

I immediately recall that corny whisper "Wraaaaith" that I heard over and over upon the cars pre-release which made me cringe every time, and still does.

The second thought that crosses my mind is my dear friend and colleague, David who is very much into EVERYTHING Rolls-Royce. Unlike me, the die-hard old school guy, David likes to follow the new stuff (and does so well) in concert with our other Bentley Spotting colleagues regularly posting on the site with the same name.

I have to be honest, there was some pre-play going thru my head about the guys at the dealership getting all excited showing me the car and yet me yawning inside my head "pretending" to be excited. Sure enough, my welcome was very much that. A bussle over whether it was unlocked, keys being retrieved and questions whether I had seen one before. To which I replied with a false sense of enthusiasm that I think only I could detect.

Here is the video.

As a piece of auto technology, the car is impressive. How could anyone deny that. This one finished in "brushed aluminum" over a 2-tone blue combination that I would nostalgically describe as Caribbean and Seychelles with a rather stunning nautically themed "white" and navy blue accented interior. The interior wood with its "Charles Eames" look was a very stylish touch and in just the right quantity. Sometimes when a car manufacturer gets onto a good looking thing they over did it. Rolls-Royce themselves did it with the Spur some 25 years ago with those overindulgent burl walnut door panel inserts. There is no question the interior of the Wraith is inviting and I did want to sit in it.

Its features and functions were very impressive; heads up display, 360 degree video cameras, night vision camera. All very impressive although I couldnt help but think; "who is going to fix these things when they go awry?" The night vision can pick up "warm-bodies" up to 500 metres away and the heads up display, whose focal point is about equal to the Spirit of Ecstasy out front, allows you to adjust exactly where you want to see it; high, low, off to one-side etc. The system is so clever that it interacts with the cameras on the car that "image recognises" speed limit signs enroute and displays that next to your digital speed read out so you can compare and control. This was the salesman's explanation, at least. I actually think it would be the GPS providing the necessary telemetry but his explanation is more impressive.

Incidentally, the car has some interesting computing going on that works with the GPS to work out terrain and the optimum gear she should be running on for a given piece of road, curve, gradient and speed. All rather amazing stuff. But then, top of the line BMWs, Mercedes and no doubt Lexus have these goodies.

What impressed me more than anything was the "driving experience". I really was taken aback with the sheer smoothness and quiteness it maintained at slow speed over our pot-hole withered Chicago roads, as well as under power. 650 horses at that, which really were all very noticeable. But the smooth and quiet - oh how amazing. I was certainly impressed and as mentioned to David in a text immediately after the test drive, the car left with me an impression similar to that I had when I first drove a Silver Shadow II so many years ago.

It was different. Not only nice but "different". With all so many cars being the same in many ways these days, to describe a pleasant driving sensation as "different" is quite something. I remained enchanted.

The car had some let-downs in my opinion, still. The dash looked a little cheap for such an expensive behemoth. Which surprised me because, fro example, when I look at the speedometer on a current Phantom, I think it looks like a very well respected brand of instrument. Like the best barometer a meteorologist might want to have, for instance. The needle is sharp and you can see where it angles back into the centre of the instrument itself. On the Wraith, it looked very Asian-esk. Shiny and well-lit but something made in Hong-Kong, not Switzerland. Many of the switches and levers looked a bit like this to me also. Bright, responsive to the touch but just not quite right. I was having some flashes of the Flying Spur I was taking-in only an hour earlier. I then started wondering about the wood and how it was finished too.

If the speedometer in the Phantom is a measure of the rest of the car's superiority to the lesser Ghost platform, I think its time for me to go drive one of those soon. I know its without all the technological marvels of the Wraith but I think that might be a plus for me given my constant "how did they make that" and "how would you fix that" view point.

The Wraith? A thumbs up I must say but only to the extent that your are a squillionaire where you will buy it new, drive it for 3 years and then sell it to some enthusiastic morsel to deal with the endless techno-boffin ailments it will have that will eventually total the car 20 years hence forth.

Posted by Rodd Sala

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