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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pectoral Fins or Side Wings on the Bentley GT

I always get a little excited when I see Bentley things I have never seen before.

Especially if it's a Sultan of Brunei car photo or simply something that is mad. This is mad.

When I was sent these photos (well, actually tagged in Facebook) I did say woooooooow!

I've not only never seen this before, but I've never heard of it, or even thought of it.

Lets take a look.

Here it is.

Yeah it's a matte black GT with side skirts, but, but, but what's that thing above the rear wheel?

Oh my gosh! The Bentley has pectoral fins.

Yep, it has side wings.

It's absolutely mad!

I've certainly never seen that before.

It definitely adds an unexpected design element. And it's also a wide body kit as well.

They have has a go at the interior.

I think it looks fine.

But having pectoral fins or side wings on a car - now that is a bit special!

They would for sure make it go faster.

Thanks so much to Ross for alerting me to this one!

Anyone know who makes this kit?

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