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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Bentley Speed 8

Interesting enough Bentley Spotting has never featured any references to the Le Mans winning Bentley Speed 8.

There were even Bentley flags to wave at the time, so you can be just like Ferrari fans. Great.

The win is used as a classic marketing tool, and keeps the sporting heritage of the original Bentley Boys alive.

There it is on the track.

It does hover in the background. Even when selling Arbarges.

Now here is the car is a couple of different spots.

Say on the back of a flatbed in Japan.

Or how about a corporate Bentley dinner?

No shoes on the carpet.


The Rolls Royce Royale by Jankel

This car is so good only because it is ridicules.

It is really hard to tell the proportions of this military vehicle.

That is what it is. A military vehicle. Bomb proof, bullet proof, totally sealed from the outside. Look how thick the window surrounds are. It's a tank.

The design sketch gives an idea of the size. Simply look at the front door. The front door is larger than the whole engine. Amazing.

Is that crocodile skin? I think it is.

Now here is a Proper Royal on a Proper Rolls Royce Military Vehicle. Courtesy of the The Tank Museum in th UK.

Here is another Jankel built monster. The Rolls Royce Head of State. No thanks. If you are going to raise the roof, you need to extend the wheel base as well. Usually Jankel gets it right. Their station wagons are perfect. It could have been a customer requirement, not a design choice.

Actually it would be quite cool if you were in a wheel chair.

Here's one I made earlier here.

Pictures courtesy (The Tank Museum, Jankel, Bentley Spotting)

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Bentley Brooklands SC

Pretty much all of the Bentley Brooklands 2 door coupes are sold.

So what is the next limited production Bentley car to be produced? My guess is a Bentley Brooklands SC or Sedanca Coupé.

A bad photoshop of a possible future car.

Only 79 Bentley Continental SC were made. Let's take a close up look when you take your top off.

Here are a few press images from Bentley. It is impressive.

It's the one that's a bit different in the family. You can put both hands up, do the YMCA and still keep your neck warm.

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Bentley Hooper 2 Door Turbo R

A couple of weeks ago there was possibly the Bentley Spotting ebay of the year.

The ultra cool Bentley Hooper 2 Door Turbo R.

The model has featured on Bentley Spotting a number of times, and the sale of such a rare car did generate much activity on this site. Not many pictures are out there for this car.

The previous article with many press pictures and two over previous advertiments are located here and here.

The car was for sale by PI Motorsports of California and they still have the advertisement up on their site here.

Here it is. A 1989 Bentley Turbo R 2 Door by Hooper.

I did not know it actually has a Hooper badge!

The advertisement claimed that it could have been owned by the Sultan of Brunei. I very much doubt that, as the steering wheel is on the wrong side, and the chassis number does not match the cars built and delivered by Rolls Royce during this period for the Sultan.

But it is such a good car! I am unsure of the exact build numbers, but I have heard that there were 6 made, just six. The recent car advertisment also states this as well. It sounds about right. Hooper were going through great hardship at this time.

Lets count up my picture collection on the Bentley Hooper Turbo R.





This is different to the car above. Different grill surround, different wheels, different front fog lights.



Different from above, different wheels, different fog lights, badge bar.

The other photographs that I have are of the same cars when they were on sale.

Is that not six out of six displayed? Well I think that probably more than six were made, as it could not be that easy to find every car made. They did make Rolls Royce varieties as well.

It's a maybe that every Bentley Hooper Turbo R made is in front of you now, but I doubt it.

Pictures courtesy (PI Motorsports of California, Hooper, webfinds.)

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A couple of Cockpits.

I like looking at vintage Bentleys. Don't know much about them, and don't understand many parts, but I like to look. Kind of like teenage girls.

A 1929 Bentley 4.5 litre.

A 1927 Bentley 4.5 litre.

This gallery may grow over time. Look back in a bit.


Wakui-Kuruma Doraku Station Wagons

I really like Wakui-Kuruma Doraku. I also get a surprise.

These two cars certainly make your eyes open.

A 1957 Rolls Royce SC1 Wagon.

And a 1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spur Wagon.

Never seen them before. I am so not sure if it is a hearse or not. The colour? I lack knowledge in Japanese culture.

Pictures courtesy (Wakui-Kuruma Doraku)

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Mesh or Vains

We have seen behind the Bentley Grill here.

Bentley Grill

Now lets check out the differences between the two options.


As seen on the first Bentleys and the latest Bentleys, but also on the 'cheap' Bentley Eight and on the highest performance RT model of the day as well.

Now the vains.

As seen on this Bentley Brooklands, many Turbo R cars, the S cars, the T, and the Continentals.

From there repair diagrams it is clear that the mesh and the vains are actually interchangeable. They both use the same surround.

I think I will take both. Like a mobile phone cover. To match what you are doing. Yeah.


Ouch Ouch Ouch

Bentley Continentals up the creek.

In red.

And white.

It happens.

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