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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Rolls Royce Royale by Jankel

This car is so good only because it is ridicules.

It is really hard to tell the proportions of this military vehicle.

That is what it is. A military vehicle. Bomb proof, bullet proof, totally sealed from the outside. Look how thick the window surrounds are. It's a tank.

The design sketch gives an idea of the size. Simply look at the front door. The front door is larger than the whole engine. Amazing.

Is that crocodile skin? I think it is.

Now here is a Proper Royal on a Proper Rolls Royce Military Vehicle. Courtesy of the The Tank Museum in th UK.

Here is another Jankel built monster. The Rolls Royce Head of State. No thanks. If you are going to raise the roof, you need to extend the wheel base as well. Usually Jankel gets it right. Their station wagons are perfect. It could have been a customer requirement, not a design choice.

Actually it would be quite cool if you were in a wheel chair.

Here's one I made earlier here.

Pictures courtesy (The Tank Museum, Jankel, Bentley Spotting)

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