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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Old B and the New B

I have always known the Flying B to look like this.

It was on all the S models, the T's and Mulsannes and Turbos, probably even the Derbys.

It is what I know as the Flying B.

This year 2007 the Flying B changed. I initially felt reserved. Here it is.

I thought it looked unusual from the 'wrong' side.

And quite good from others.

I did know that on older Bentley cars not all mascots were the same. Recently I went back to look at some photos, and was surprised to find that the new Flying B actually looks like the old Flying B.

The font of the B is the same, it is just that the wings are stretched back further than the old old Flying B.

You can also just collect the different types.


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