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Friday, June 29, 2007

Bentley Arnage Station Wagon Estate car

The coachbuilder Genaddi Design Group has been featured previously on Bentley Spotting with their Bentley GT/LM race car design here. It is unknown if any examples were built.

But this Bentley designed by Genaddi has definitely been photographed. Photos are all over the internet.

Here is a day in the life of probably the most recognised modern coachbuilt Bentley, the white Bentley Arnage Station Wagon. Or Estate car for proper English speakers.

The start of the day, leaving the house.

Down by the shops.

Loading the shopping.

Checking you have everything in the back.

Leaving the shops.

Going to the local fate.

Having a boe peep at the QE2.

Then going to Mum and Dad's house for tea.

A pleasant day.

But on a more serious note - what the hell is the point of the weird pull out wood platform that comes out of the back?

It's more hearse like than 'soccer mom' to me.

And the QE2 photo. Its a top good idea - but really, they should have turned the car around.

The car should face the stern not the bow.

It actually annoys me that I did it for them. Post production.

Here is the annoying photo.

Firstly, rub out the car.

Flip the estate around, reposition it, make it a little bigger, and vola. Much better.

Pictures courtesy (Genaddi Design Group)

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At 4:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

‘what the hell is the point of the weird pull out wood platform that comes out of the back?’

I think it is for easy loading and unloading of heavy bags etc… The BMW 5-Series Touring models had this feature as an option but in this I think it may be more of a necessity…
Look under the platform and you can see what I would guess is the boot and rear glass. You would have to load items onto the platform, slide it in the car and then lift up the boot. This theory that boot hinges down and the glass folds on top is backed up by the fact that the door cannot be seen anywhere else either hinged to open the side or from above.
A strange design, though I would further guess it is because the extended roofline cannot support the weight of the opening glass and bodywork in any other formation?!

Chris E


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