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Monday, May 14, 2007

Hooper Enhancements.

I do like the Hooper coach building company.

The two door version of the Turbo R / Mulsanne does look superb. Four other two door Bentley Turbo R's are pictured in a previous post on the Hooper 2 door Bentley Turbo R.

It makes the car look like a sports car.

It is just as impressive in the Silver Spirit version.

Silver Lady Services has a Hooper enchanced car for sale. Unfornimuately it is not a two door, but it does has the 'descreet' window to the rear.

The car also features a rear 'sunshine' roof, where the sun roof is actually over the rear seats, not the front as per usual.

These enhancements do make the car private but with the sunshine roof still quite airy.

Pictures courtsey (Silver Lady Services, Hooper.)

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