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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Chassis Stiffening

The hardest part about making a convertible is the reduced rigidity of the cars chassis when it does not have a roof.

This would be especially evident with coachbuilt convertibles where they simply lop the lid off as in the Bentley Mulsanne / Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Gallery here.

So lets take a look at the pro way of going about hack sawing off a roof. Why not the current Bentley Continental GTC.

Take a look at these modern design diagrams. The yellow torsional body stiffening is the proper way to stiffen the chassis when you lop off the roof.

Now the under side. Torsional x-bracing. I did not know the GTC came with that.

I really do like the GTC. The car makes you feel famous. Well I thought I was.

I have been part of the classic story. My mates Dad has one. Mates Dad is overseas. Get a call to come over for dinner. He's taken out the GTC! We 'rock star' car parked out the front of the restaurant we were going to with the roof down. It was a really nice Autumn night in Melbourne Australia. I felt famous.



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