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Friday, May 25, 2007

A break in Postings.

I am moving to Canberra, and will not have internet access initially until I work out a new ISP.

During this time Bentley Spotting postings will be very limited. I presume a couple of week.


In the mean time...

A picture of the Sultan of Brunei's 4 Door Continental R that could be called a Camelot, Phoenix, or Spectre has everged, thanks to basman007 over at

They are different shaped doors!

Now a pink Jankel Val D'Isere was spotted at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago as well.

The pink car with salmon interior has popped up a couple of times on the internet before.

I also found a disaster by Jankel. The Rolls Royce Silver Seraph 'Head of State'.

Lots of room, but the lines are just wrong.

After the break some Hot Rods are coming, more coach built Bentleys, a great Jankel Limousine gallery, an article on name plates, further special Turbo R based cars, more utes and station wagons, find out what Aussies call dicky seats, more 'proper' motor racing cars and the occasional photoshop designed by yours truly.

Here is a tease.

Till next time, hit the archives.


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