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Friday, June 29, 2007

Hyundai Chrome

Lets do some creative writing.

You want a new Bentley Continential GT. Smoke grey with chrome wheels. Real nice.

So you consult your partner. They insist on a cheap reliable Asian import, but reneg slightly and allow you to get a two door sporty model, as they know thats what you want.

Then you do out and buy the Bentley.

You then feel quilty, you should have bought the holiday house. You were meant to buy a car made by some company that also makes washing machines.

What do you do? Got it.

Lets rebadge the Bentley into a Hyundai and call it the Chrome. Done.

Here are the pictures.

Definitely one of those 'only in America' comments - actually 'only in California'.

That is how the story could go.

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