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Friday, June 29, 2007

La Malle-Auto de Louis Vuitton

I could go on and on about how Louis Vuitton was the first to attach
his trunks to the back of cars with leather straps all covered in the
iconic LV motive on brown with dull gold lettering.

I could also say that this is why Americans confuse the trunk for the boot.

I trunk is detachable and the porter takes it to your room. It is not part of the car. It's a travel case.

Here are some original advertisements of the period for La Malle-Auto de Louis Vuitton trunk.

It would be cool if one attached a trunk to a modern day car. A future photoshop job? I think so.

Here is a practical example where again an American has mistakenly used incorrect English, and has very much confused someone.

Can I say probably a Mexican? When translating into Spanish there was obviously an error. Place to trunk not in the trunk but on the roof. It's confusing.

What is one to do? How is one to do it? A solution. Take the truck apart and stick it to the roof.

That will work.

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