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Friday, June 29, 2007

The Freestone and Webb Bentley S

Bentley spotting has featured a video of the Freestone and Webb Bentley S, as well as one rusting in a paddock down under.

Now here is the source.

The actual technical drawings from Freestone and Webb. In pencil. Early 1950's.

Design No. 3191/A. The Freestone & Webb Ltd Bentley S. Otherwise known as the Bentley S1 Empress.

Here are a few in the flesh.

A 1955 Model.

A 1956 Model - have a look at its stable- mates, a Silver Shadow and a Turbo R, its in Japan.

A 1957 Model

Now Design No. 3171/A. The Freestone & Webb Ltd Rolls Royce Silver Wraith.

A couple of examples.

Now the one in the paddock from before. This version really emphasises the the design around the headlights.

Most call this car the S1 Empress. However the '1' only came after the Bentley S2. There were further Bentley Empress cars, so this could be called the Bentley S1 Empress I, maybe.
Have a look at the very rare Bentley Empress III by Hooper, it was based on the Turbo R here.

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At 3:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

506JLB, the black and blue one, is not F&W but Hooper!

At 9:54 am, Blogger Unknown said...

I once owned S1 Bentley chassis #B53CM and believe that the Emperess moniker denotes the front fender sweeping all the way back as in the Silver Wraith line drawing.
Richard Morrison


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