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Thursday, February 25, 2010

1886 Rolls-Royce and Bentley Photographs

As I have been a little bit slow with the Bentley Spotting posts of late, here is a present to all readers.

Another 500 Rolls-Royce and Bentley photographs for all to view in one gallery.

Previously these 500 photos were posted.

And say another 500 photos in this gallery.

And you can not go past the work of David Irvine and his collection of 386 photos of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars he took in the 1970's and 1980's, photoshopped and recoloured by yours truly.

So in one post, a total of 1886 photos of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars for you to enjoy. Surely that is some kind of record.


Bentley Mulsanne Interior

Here are the official interior shots of the 2010 Bentley Mulsanne.

It is quite unique to look through the roof! Convertible anyone?

I can already imagine the Mulliner diamond stitching on the seats of the potential Bentley Mulsanne T model.

The discrete screen that is hidden behind the wood dash is quite appropriate.

The back seats certainly do look comfortable.

Picnic tables are an option that one just must have! Why would you go without? Where would you put your tea cup? Come on.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Building the body of the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

Here is an official video from Bentley Motors o building the body of the 2011 Bentley Mulsanne.

Quite interesting indeed. I will post more of these videos as they are released.


Hooper Empress II at Geneva Motor Show 1987

Take a look at the Hooper Empress II at the Geneva Motor Show in 1987.

Yep, this time next week 23 years ago the Hooper Empress II was released.

I do not think something that dramatic will be released this year. But you never know.

Thank you to the person who sent in the photograph.

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Rolls Royce Ghost by Mansory

Even though I have been a bit slack with updating Bentley Spotting lately, the car tuning game still goes on.

And with the Geneva Auto Salon just about to hit, manufactures are starting to release their wears.

This time it is a Rolls Royce Ghost by Mansory.

It looks so bad that it is really good.

Oh I want one. The paint work, wheels and body kit are just magnificent.

Here is the press release from Mansory:

A large programme for the “little“ Rolls Royce. Automobile refiner Kourosh Mansory offers a breathtaking individualisation for the Rolls Royce Ghost. The specialist for luxury cars combines most precious materials with elaborate performance, individual appearance and stylish interior refinements. This creates a unique overall concept with a self-confident character.

The most striking part of the metamorphosis is an individually varnish in Gold and Blue. The self-assured colouring does not only reflect the exclusive status of the car, but also emphasises the newly developed exterior shape.

The golden varnish accentuates the delicate cross-beam in the new front skirt as well as the vertical gill between the headlights and the front wheel houses. Also the modified radiator grill insert duly profits from the varnish.

The evidence for the increased performance of the MANSORY Ghost can be found in the side skirts, the stainless steel sheeting, the unobtrusive rear spoiler and the rear skirt with the indicated diffuser and the two-pass end pipes of the double sport exhaust system.

The sportiness imbued by the exterior package is confirmed by the content under the bonnet. Enlarged bi-turbo chargers, the map optimisation of the control electronics as well as the sports manifold and the sports catalysers significantly increase the performance of the Rolls Royce. Instead of serial 570 hp (420 kW), the Ghost refined by MANSORY now renders phenomenal 720 hp (530 kW) at 5,850 r.p.m. The engineers from the Bavarian town Brand near Bayreuth catapult the maximum torque from 780 to astonishing 1,020 Newton metres. Therefore, the engine accelerates the 2,360 kg of the car from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.4 seconds and is thereby half a second faster than the serial version. Thanks to the removed top speed limitation, the acceleration does not stop at 250, but only at 310 km/h.

With these performance values, also the wheels are growing. Especially for the Rolls Royce Ghost, MANSORY developed a new design whose innovative look perfectly matches with the new appearance of the car.

The monoblock rims measure enormous 22 inches and their surface is refined with the same golden varnish as the exterior. At the front axle, 9 inch wide wheels carry the high-performance tyres Dunlop SP SportMaxx in the dimension 265/35, whereas the rear 10.5 inch wide wheels are fitted with tyres in the dimension 295/30.

The interior presents itself as an oasis for luxury and perfectly goes with the exquisite outer refinement. Large parts of the interior are covered with the most delicate leather with diamond-quilted ornaments and are completed by an ultra-suede lining from the roof line to the dashboard. Special wide carbon and a sports steering wheel in combination with light bamboo wood inlays render and atmosphere which can not be surpassed in terms of exclusiveness. Moreover, there are illuminated door sills and the implemented ambience light effects: seats, door casings and dashboard are equipped with LEDs which supply a pleasantly soft light throughout the passenger cabin.

Once again, company founder Kourosh Mansory has understood to lift a top luxury class automobile into even higher levels. After the refinement, the Rolls Royce Ghost presents itself with a self-confident character. There is a perfect synergy between technology and luxury which further confirms the individual design.

Blah blah blah, just take a look at it!

I'm guessing the first pictures of one on the road will have UAE plates parked near Harrods in Knightsbridge.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bentley Vs Maybach

Bentley Vs Maybach hey. So you would expect a long winded article detailing the re-introduction of the Maybach brand, and its high hopes, then to be currently of the brink of being pulled because sales have been so bad.

Not really. Simply to report that a Bentley crashed into a Maybach near the Savvinskaya Embankment in Moscow just before Christmas.

The Maybach is owned by furniture company Orteks-Line, and restaurant firm Gallery-Alex was listed as the Bentley owner. Everyone was ok.

It then gives me an excuse to show David LaChapelle's recent work with Maybach. He produced a series of well let's just say contemporary photographs.

Here is a video of the photo shoot.

And a couple of photographs of what was taken.

Shall I critic them?

Maybe later. I am a fan.

Companies employing edgy artists is a good thing.


Bentley Arnage Safe by Stockinger

I did not realise that there is a Bentley Arnage out there that does not come with a V8, nor is made at Crewe, but is fully endorsed by Bentley Motors. Weird.

It is the Bentley Arnage Safe by Stockinger.

If you are the market for a safe, here are the facts and figures:


Dimensions (HxWxD):
119 x 56 x 51 cm
47 x 22 x 20 inches
Weight: Approx. 485 kg / 1067 lbs
Volume: Approx. 95 dl.
Security level: EN 1143/VDS III
Locking mechanism: Stocktronic
Watchwinder capacity: 8 watches
Turn per day: 650-900
Winding Directions: Selectable
Drawers: 3 in different sizes

Finish options:
All standard Bentley exterior paints,
10 STOCKINGER interior suedes

Wood veneer panels:
Birds Eye Maple, Burr Walnut
or Dark Stained Burr Walnut

#Limited edition:
200 safes

It certainly does not look cheap.

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Bentley Continental GT Estate by Carrozzeria Touring

It has taken a little while, but finally a coachbuilder has becided to make an estate or shooting break version on the Bentley Continental GT.

Of course it is Italian, by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan.

And here is the photo that has been released so far.

Touring has made many a bodies for Bristols, Aston Martins, Maseratis, Ferraris and also designed the Jensen Interceptor. How ever this will be their first Bentley body.

The company plans to limit the production to up to 20 examples, based on both the Continental GT and the Continental GT Speed variants.

Lets lighten up the image to see if it reveals more.

It is a stretch, not CGI image, so we will have to wait until the Geneva Salon of the 2 March to the real car in the metal. Unless an image is leaked prior. I'll keep an eye out.

Lets inverse the image to see the Estate body style.

It is still very sporting. I do want to see pictures of this coachbuilt modern Bentley. How they resolve the design of the rear will be the key to the look of this station wagon.

So who is going to build a Bentley Continental GT ute next? Com'on Aussie!

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A Line Lamp Set Up

Let's compare the face of the new Bentley Mulsanne to the Bentley R Type.

The lamp placement does make sense. An A line configuration indeed.

It was only in the Bentley S3 that twin head lamps were introduced.

Sent in your Mulsanne photos when you see the car on the road!


Well Rested.

Well Bentley Spotting has been standing still for over a month, so I should not really wait until it turns into this Silver Cloud III.

Thank you all for the encouragement to continue to post Bentley Spotting articles. I'll get onto it, but you know, life gets in the way sometimes.

Thanks David for sending in the picture.


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