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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bentley Vs Maybach

Bentley Vs Maybach hey. So you would expect a long winded article detailing the re-introduction of the Maybach brand, and its high hopes, then to be currently of the brink of being pulled because sales have been so bad.

Not really. Simply to report that a Bentley crashed into a Maybach near the Savvinskaya Embankment in Moscow just before Christmas.

The Maybach is owned by furniture company Orteks-Line, and restaurant firm Gallery-Alex was listed as the Bentley owner. Everyone was ok.

It then gives me an excuse to show David LaChapelle's recent work with Maybach. He produced a series of well let's just say contemporary photographs.

Here is a video of the photo shoot.

And a couple of photographs of what was taken.

Shall I critic them?

Maybe later. I am a fan.

Companies employing edgy artists is a good thing.



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