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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fancy Cup Holders

Lets have a detailed look at a Bentley interior.

Why not the Bentley with the largest interior available?

Why not! The Bentley Arnage RL 728. Or Arnage Limousine.

It is called the Bentley Arnage RL 728 as it is extended 728cm compared to the standard Arnage R.

From this angle you can see the Hooper style small rear window, the rear sun roof and the additional centre section that is added as part of the lengthening process by Premier Sheet Metal the Bentley coachbuilder.

With all that space, the rear interior has quite a formal, if not romantic cabin like atmosphere about it.

On looking through the door, this cabin like atmosphere become very apparent. It could even be classed as a suite!

With all the cupboard and compartments closed, there is probably enough room for a half court game of table tennis on that centre console.

I wonder which compartment houses the racquets?

Between the seats is of course the refrigerator.

For those who care it is Champagne Jacquart. No racquets there, only a lovely fold down leather table, with quite a handy side out flute holder. Nice.

The ash tray and phone cupboard are in the compartments under the fold down table.

Further down the console there is the circular pop up Scotch cabinet that includes tumblers. Why not!

And take a look at those pop out compartments that hold the wine glasses. Lovely, quite fancy cup holders.

Between the Scotch Cabinet and the cigar humidor there is quaint glass table. That's for snorting drugs off after you have consumed all the alcohol.

Oh, the cigar humidor holds eight, which is hopefully enough cigars for any trip.

Now the last photo shows all the compartments open. Click to enlarge and you will notice the open ash tray and phone cupboard, as well as then cupboard above the cigar humidor. This holds the stereo and DVD player for the large television in the cabins division.

Also in this image, the foot rests, come occasional seats are down in position. It is quite a good use of functional space.

You would only use the occasional seats well, occasionally, unless of course you like to look someone special close in the eyes. That's when you put your feet up so they can give you a foot massage. After you have had some scotch, that was preceded by some Champagne. And you have drunk all the alcohol.

I hope you have a nice trip.

Just make sure the division is up if you get busy. Or are having a game of table tennis.

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