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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Premier Sheet Metal - Bentley Coach Builder

Interestingly Bentley Motors out sources its coach building of the extended Bentley Arnage.

The Bentley Arnage RL 250, the Arnage RL 450 and the largest Arnage 728 are all made not by Mulliner, but in fact another company altogether call Premier Sheet Metal of Coventry.

Bentley Arnage 728

Below is a high quality photo from a Premier Sheet Metal brochure demonstrating their metal fabrication skills.

And as you can see it is a Bentley Arnage RL 728, with a comparison to a completed one below.

The body then gets shipped back to Bentley for Mulliner to do all their detailed magic to the car.

From the photo the car being made is a post 2005 model with the new style headlights. This viewing angle of the Arnage is a little different.

Here are further photographs of an Arnage RL 728 body being made at Premier Sheet Metal.

You learn something everyday!

Photos courtesy (Premier Sheet Metal)

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