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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rolls Royce Bentley Corniche

Check this one out. Firstly it is a Rolls Royce to Bentley swap. A Rolls Royce Bentley Corniche if you may.

When a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow or Bentley T has a gender identify issue, it is a bit more serious surgery than a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit to Bentley Mulsanne gender reassignment.

It is to do with the erect structure above. The bonnet. The Silver Spirit and Mulsanne share the same bonnet, however the Shadow and T do not.

The bonnet on the Bentley T is slightly rounded and the Silver Shadow is more angular which is consistent with the grill shapes of the respective genders.

Rolls Royce Bentley Corniche

Now this car is a touch of a standout. Take a look at the headlight surrounds. They are colour coded.

It really does modernise the look of the car.

Rolls Royce Bentley Corniche

The rubber T2 bumper bars also update the look of this Corniche, as do the wheels.

The interior does look good, however the console between the dash and the arm rest with the phone holder is a little surprising.

It looks like an addition. But it is ok. It is attempting to be an 1987+ style dash.

For those that care, the engine still has the Rolls Royce cover on it.

The car is actually 1983 A Reg Rolls Royce with 75,000 miles - but you could not tell that at all from the photographs.

It is currently for sale at £27900 from

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