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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bentley Continental GT Speed by Mansory

Last month a keen Bentley spotter Gerald noticed this different Mansory Bentley in Dubai.

We could only tell it was a Mansory by the wheels, as they are an older style, not by the body kit as it was very new. So new in fact that it was not launched publicly yet. Now the car has been relieved at the Geneva Motor show last week.

It is the Bentley Continental GT Speed by Mansory.

The front bumper bar features the ever popular LED day lights, that are even on the new Rolls Royce EX200.

The front fenders are part of the Mansory kit, and allow for significant extraction of hot air from the front brakes.

The side shirt and new rear bumper which features a rear air diffuser and 'stacked' twin exhaust tips do set this Mansory Bentley Continental GT Speed apart.

It is not just cosmetic as well. Mansory have increased power to 685hp (511kW) from the GT Speed's original figure of 610hp (455kW), by the new exhaust system, air intakes and adjustments to the ECU that also results in 656lb-ft (890Nm) of torque - almost 111lb-ft (150Nm) more than the original.

This gives the top speed of the Bentley Continental GT Speed by Mansory to be 216mph.

It is quite a bit faster than the fastest factory Bentley ever, the Bentley Continental Supersport.

Mansory do know how to do interiors!

I wonder in this difficult economic time that Bentley would give the car, via its new owner, to Mansory prior to its full completion at Crewe, saving everyone money?

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