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Monday, March 09, 2009

Styling Japan

Styling Japan - Car Soft Wear and Coach-Building.

My comprehension of soft wear is slightly hazy - well not hazy but bedazzled. Bedazzled by the glitzy gold grill of the Styling Japan Bentley Turbo R.

Styling Japan Bentley

Gold badgeing and gold mascots are obviously not enough for the discerning Japanese customer. A gold grill is where it is at.

But why stop there? This is car soft wear! Gold pin stripes, gold B on the wheels and gold eye liner is just what the Bentley needs! That a close look.

Styling Japan Bentley

And the rest? Well it has a custom body kit, with a built in rear spoiler. That is actually some serious body work.

Styling Japan Bentley

Here are the cars features. I'm just not sure what they say...

Styling Japan Bentley

Do not think this is a blast from the 1980's past! It is well current. That is right. Styling Japan is still offering this body kit and 'soft wear' for the Bentley Turbo R today.

Here is a white example from their website

Styling Japan Bentley

'We coachbuild do the car of an ideal.' Indeed! It is an ideal car.

The dual roof mounted aerials are very good!

Styling Japan Bentley

Take a look at the interiors. They are beautiful.

Styling Japan Bentley

Update the gadgets, but keep the wood and I'll take one!

Styling Japan Bentley

Source (Styling Japan)

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