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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 2 door by Hooper

Here is a collection of photographs taken by three different photographers.

The car is special, and causes a little confusion as most have not seen one before.

It is a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit 2 door by Hooper.

It features the Hooper discreet rear window.

Which makes the C pillar so prominent from the below angle.

The 2 door profile is something else on this car!

It is nice that the badge tells you who made it.

Here is a close up of the Hooper wire wheels. Click image to enlarge.

The front is impressive as well, with Lucas driving lights, a badge bar and Hooper polished trim under the head lights, you know a bit of eye-liner.

From the photographs you can kind of tell where the car lives.

It is good to see a Hooper on the road.

This is an image from space that shows the spot on earth where all the photos have have been taken. I am not sure if the car is the image is the Hooper.

But maybe.

Thanks to the photographers.

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At 8:00 am, Anonymous PC said...

I am one of the guys that has taken pictures of this car! Please make me a source for the two first pictures and the 6th picture and the last picture! My name is PC!


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