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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spotting Hoopers in the 80's

I think I can quite confidently say that this is the largest gallery of Hooper and Co. modified cars from the 1980's.

To get Hooper and Co. to coachbuild a car cost extraordinary amounts of money, and they were quite rare.

Here are a collection of Hooper & Co. cars that have been sent in by readers where the photos were taken in the 1980's.

Hooper & Co Bentley Rolls Royce

Ohh, a Long Wheel Base Bentley Mulsanne L with very distinct Hooper & Co. wire wheels, colour matched bumper bars, and lots of extra chrome. Plus a gold mascot. I'm sure the interior will be quite unique.

Hooper Muslanne Turbo LWB

A drop head with Hooper & Co, wire wheels, and a chrome strip guard down the sills.

A lovely two tone Silver Spur. The specially painted hub caps to look good!

Take a look at this powerful Bentley. Body kit all round, in brown.

Another Bentley Mulsanne, the guy does look a little Maxwell Smart!

Take a look at this special Hooper & Co. Rolls-Royce Carmargue. Special front spoiler, painted hub caps, and vinyl roof.

Again the two-tone Silver Spur. Now with a different number plate.

It sports the signature Hooper & Co. rear window. Small, private and very discreet.

A big thank you to Andy and David for sending the Hooper & Co. cars in. If more readers have photographs please do send them in.

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