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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bentley Mulsanne era comedy

A touch of Bentley Mulsanne era comedy.

It is a struggle to relate this to Bentleys really, but I slipped it in.

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Snowed under firey Corniche

Now I have not quite seen one like this before.

The photos depict a very long winded story. Presumably.

There was fire, there was smoke the roof disappeared, then it snowed.

It's not like the Corniche like the south of France.

It features not white sand, but a literal snow white interior.

It's on ebay, Item number: 170196835973

Even more of a joke is that it has a '350 chevy motor'. Now I wonder where the fire started.

Enough said.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Comparing the old and new Bentley Continential GT

There photographs are turning into classic Bentley shots of the modern era. They do pop up everywhere.

Still relevant in 50 years I presume.

They depict the curves very well.

Pictures (Bentley PR)

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Bentley Continental Flying Spur in Yellow

Yellow coloured Bentley cars have been put on display in a few car shows around the world including the Bologna Motor Show last year.

Take a look at a whole gallery o yellow Rolls Royce and Bentley cars here.

It is however a bit of a sight when you see one on the street.

Get your camera phone out for youtube. It was filmed in Italy.

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Dealer Party

Here is an old school still from a previous Rolls Royce dealer party.

Not sure if they are partying like its 1999.

I'm guessing 1919.

I'm pretty sure the date's wrong. No doubt some one will let me know!

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bentley Le MANSory 007/24 Widebody

The Bentley Continential GT LE MANSory is a limited edition run of 24 cars.

This Bentley Special is made by German tuning company Mansory, and is truly a Bentley Special in the historical context of the use of the term.

People have always wanted to customise their Bentleys and make them special, and the tradition continues today with modern coachbuilders like Mansory.

Mansory claim that they are not coachbuilders, but for this car, if you completely re-body the car, only leaving the roof and door panels the same, it is a hard one to justify.

The interior is totally redone as well.

A complete new font of the car, side panels, and the rear are re-made. The wheels are also a stand out. It is not all show, as the tuned engine as well.

Bentley Le MANSory wide body Continential GT

I would certainly like to see one up close.

Bentley Le MANSory wide body Continential GT

It would be special to be able to see all the customised detailing of the car.

Bentley Le MANSory wide body Continential GT

What is cool is that this car is number 007 of 24. It does not make sense mathematically, but it so does in the cool factor.

Bentley Le MANSory wide body Continential GT

It is one cool car.

The following pictures are from the great car spotting website where a spotter called BvdM took these fantastic pictures in Monaco in November 2007.

Bentley Le MANSory wide body Continential GT

The direct link to the car spot is here.

The car is not for everyone, but that is the point of Bentleys Specials.

Bentley Le MANSory wide body Continential GT

If you see any pictures of other Bentley Le MANSory Widebody cars please do send them in. I might set a challenge of collecting pictures of all 24.

Pictures courtesy (BvdM of, Mansory)

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Coachbuilding the Carmarge

The Rolls Royce Carmarge is an interesting car, where it was designed a Bentley and out of 530 ever made, only one was actually a Bentley. All the others were Rolls Royce cars.

This one is a bit different however.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

Yes they have chopped off the roof. See another convertible and the only Bentley Carmargue in a previous post here.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

The wheels are been updated. These are reproduction plastic hubcaps, but they do look good. They occasionally appear on ebay.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

The front headlights have also been modified. Instead of the Bentley twin round headlights, the car has been fitted with more Rolls Royce like square headlights. They look very similar to Silver Spirit lamps.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

This is the same car a number of years before sporting different wheels.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

I think Pininfarina would approve of a convertible Carmargue.

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bentley Hooper Empress II

A picture has popped up again.

It is the Bentley Hooper Empress II. VIN SCBZSOT00FCH13832. One of only six built.

For an updated indepth market wrap on the Bentley Hooper Empress II and the three that are currently for sale, have a look at the link here.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

For more on Hooper & Co (Coachbuilders) Ltd click here.

Spotted again in Monaco. Modern coachbuilding at its most brutal.

Picture courtesy (YO)

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Richard Straman Convertible

Richard Straman Coachworks in Costa Mesa, California is best known for its Ferrari convertible conversions. Over the last few decades they have been taking the can opener to all sorts of cars.

The 70's and 80's saw R Straman cutting Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona's and even more recently with the Ferrari 456 GT.

In 1983 Straman also coachbuilt this Silver Spirit.

Straman hoped to build about five cars a year at $225,000 dollars, but it is unknown just how mant were manufactured.

It is a proper conversion with subframe rigidity additions, extended front doors, rear quarter windows and a fully electric roof.

Hopefully some newer pictures of this car or others converted by Straman will appear.

For a 1983 Autocar article take a look here.

Pictures and info (Bram Corts of 1980extremetuning)

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Rolls Royce Phantom V State Landaulette

Here is something very special.

Between the 16 to the 18 of February 1975 Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth triangulated around Bermuda. Yes Bermuda. I'm not been a galah. It happened, and its recorded at her website here.

What is a bit exciting is that she rode around in VIN 5LVF113. That translates to a 1967 Rolls Royce Phantom V State Landaulette. I would thumb a lift.

Here is video footage from a Rolls Royce spotter. Sadly its not a talkie.

Now disembarking from the plane and entering the Rolls Royce Phantom V State Landaulette.

The car in itself is an occasion.

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Flying Brown Spur by Mansory

The cliché is that you can tell a person by their customised car.

This one is a hard one to judge. Call they psychologist.

It is a Bentley Continental Flying Spur Mansory FS 63 well, in brown. Different.

This car certainly flies around the continent as it should, and have been spotted in Germany and France plenty of times.

The following photos were taken by a user Emil in France in August 2007.

Nice Bentley Spotting Emil.

The company Mansory virtually do a complete rebuild of the car and customise most aspects and the interior and exterior, as well as souping up the engine. Not that it needs it.

This time spotted at a different location.

It certainly would be a surprising sight. I would grab the camera.

And again.

At dusk the colour takes on a more menacing look.

I do think it is a winner. Very risky, but so Bentley. I sound like a marketing guy.

The car does ooze confidence.

Pictures (Emil from, webfinds)

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Continential Bentley Badge

I do like looking a pictures of Bentley Continentals. 208 were made in total.

One can find out so much information about these beautiful cars at The Continental Register.

Here is a classic example. It is registration number NYF 575. Lets see what they have in the database.

Registration Number: NYF 575
Chassis Number: BC15B
Present Owner: Jane Clark
Acquisition Date: 01 October 1999
Country: GB
Engine No: BCB 14
Type: 4.5
Gearbox: Manual
Coachwork: H J Mulliner
Body Type: Fastback
No: 5561
Original Colour/Trim: Smoke Green / Grey Green
Current Colour/Trim: Smoke Green / Grey Green

Road Test Date: 10 July 1953
Weight: 3934 Lbs
Delivered: 28 July 1953
Selling Agent: Jack Barclay Ltd.
Previous Owners :
Clark, Hon. Alan England
01 January 1982
Silcock, D. G. England
01 September 1961
White, S. B. England
15 July 1958
Riley, W. G. England
28 July 1953
Miscellaneous Information:
R-R kneeling Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. Bluemel steering wheel. Instrument board with centre speaker, 2 cup holders, altimeter and stop watch. Small tools in o/s door. Thermos flasks and tumblers in n/s door. Pocket in rear seat for umbrella.

What I like is the badge. I never knew that there was a special Bentley Continental badge.

Change the B to a T and you have a new car!

Picture courtesy (djanvers) Info (The Continental Register)

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