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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Continential Bentley Badge

I do like looking a pictures of Bentley Continentals. 208 were made in total.

One can find out so much information about these beautiful cars at The Continental Register.

Here is a classic example. It is registration number NYF 575. Lets see what they have in the database.

Registration Number: NYF 575
Chassis Number: BC15B
Present Owner: Jane Clark
Acquisition Date: 01 October 1999
Country: GB
Engine No: BCB 14
Type: 4.5
Gearbox: Manual
Coachwork: H J Mulliner
Body Type: Fastback
No: 5561
Original Colour/Trim: Smoke Green / Grey Green
Current Colour/Trim: Smoke Green / Grey Green

Road Test Date: 10 July 1953
Weight: 3934 Lbs
Delivered: 28 July 1953
Selling Agent: Jack Barclay Ltd.
Previous Owners :
Clark, Hon. Alan England
01 January 1982
Silcock, D. G. England
01 September 1961
White, S. B. England
15 July 1958
Riley, W. G. England
28 July 1953
Miscellaneous Information:
R-R kneeling Spirit of Ecstasy mascot. Bluemel steering wheel. Instrument board with centre speaker, 2 cup holders, altimeter and stop watch. Small tools in o/s door. Thermos flasks and tumblers in n/s door. Pocket in rear seat for umbrella.

What I like is the badge. I never knew that there was a special Bentley Continental badge.

Change the B to a T and you have a new car!

Picture courtesy (djanvers) Info (The Continental Register)

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