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Saturday, February 02, 2008

The New Rolls Royce

Last week the first spy shots of the new Rolls Royce that Goodwood calls the Rolls Royce 4 were spotted, and reported on along with other Experimental cars here.

This week the world oldest car magazine Autocar has much better spy shots of a full bodied new Rolls Royce that was caught testing in Munich.

The story about the car from Autocar can be found here.

The full gallery of photos of the car at Autocar is here.

What I have done is given you a bit of a treat of what the car will actually look like when you buy it.

How you say? Photoshop. I have taken this image and analysed it a bit.

So yes, the grill is in the style of the Phantom DHC, slightly more angular than the Phantom, most likely due to crash regulations with pedestrians. The rear doors are rear hinged with some added plastic bits trying to hide it, the third window is a bit of a guess, but I think something is hidden and a third window makes the car more balanced.

The headlights are the tricky bit. What is exposed it too large to be the LED style Phantom Coupe lights, so I have added the standard Phantom lights to the car.

A little bit of chrome and some proper Rolls Royce wheels finished off the visual additions to this experimental car.

Here is visually what I have added to the Autocar photo. It looks a bit spooky.

Now here is the final result of what the new Rolls Royce could look like.

Click to enlarge.

I was going to add a coach line down the side, but the rear wheels arch gets in the way. Lets see how that turns out in 2010 when the car is released.

Pictures courtesy (Autocar)

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