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Monday, January 21, 2008

Guess the Bentley

Lets play a game. Bentley Spotting. Well, guess the Bentley.

Here is the first picture.

Many people will find this picture familiar. Some may know the model and year. Four air vents, three on the tree column shift, centre console instruments etc.

Now the second. Sure you have seen the dash from this distance before. Not.

Now the whole of the behind. Guessed it?

It is the very rare Bentley Azur 2 Door Spyder by Jankel.

Yes the Azur, pre-empting the Bentley Azure based on the Bentley Continential R was this coachbuilt Bentley Azur based on the Bentley Turbo R. More on the Bentley Azur by Jankel here.

This 1990 Bentley Azur is currently for sale at Caesar Trading CO., LTD. 日本語 · 英語 in Tokyo and has travelled 29.980km

The advertisement for the car is here, and a translated version into English can be read here. The translation is not the best however, but readable.

The ad goes on a lot about the history of Jankel.

What is more interesting about the advertisement is that it states the dimensions of the car. The original Jankel sales brochure only stated that the car was a short wheel based car. The car according to the ad is actually 2 centimetres shorter than the standard Turbo R, at 526cm compared to the standard 528cm.

The door dimentions are also noted. The standard front doors of a Turbo R are 130cm, but on the Azur by Jankel the doors are stretched to 170cm.

It does allow enough room for your girlfriends to get into the back.

The car is immaculate, including the engine bay. Certainly very well looked after.

The lid takes 17 seconds to open electronically, and 21 second to close.

I better add it to the now 19 different Turbo R / Silver Spirit based convertibles in a mega gallery here.

Thanks AJ our regular Bentley spotter in Tokyo for the tip.

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